Morning Reflections….

We’re all so busy, I get that. We have our own priorities and important plans and agenda. Often our attitudes are: “I don’t want to be inconvenienced. Don’t bother me with your problems. I’ve got enough problems of my own”.

Too often, because of our own selfishness, we choose to close our hearts to others. If you truly want to experience God’s abundance in your life, you must start taking time to help other people. Kindness always ripples.

If we would just take the time to listen to people, we could help initiate a healing process in their lives. So many people have pain bottled up inside them and have no idea of who to talk to. A little smile, a warm hug, a kind word, would go a long way in their life.

Many don’t trust anybody anymore. Don’t make it any harder for them. If you can open your heart of compassion and be that person’s friend, without judging or condemning them, and simply have an ear to listen, you may help lift that heavy burden.

You will be amazed at what positive impact you can have if you will just learn to be a good listener. Humility is the secret to continue living in the abundance of God and it is not weakness.

Learn to follow the flow of God’s divine love. Good morning.

Love and Peace

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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