The True Essence Of Love To A Woman

Hello everyone!

When I hear a man say, “I bought you this car, this house. What more do you want?” ” If this isn’t love, then what is love?”. I begin to ask my self what is the essence of love? Many men believe that they are expressing love, or better yet proper love, to their wives by providing them with the essentials of life, such as shelter, food, and clothing, or by giving them expensive items, such as major appliances, cars, and even mink costs.

Certainly, many men give these things out of a motivation of love; however, I must say that giving such material items is not the essence of love in totality. What, then, is the nature of the love a man should show a woman?

If a man is going to love his wife, he has to keep company with Christ. He has to find out how Christ loved his church and still loves us. It will take a lifetime to study that manual on love! He “gave Himself for her”. Then he sanctified her.

To sanctify something means to take it away from everyone else, set it apart in a special place, care for it every day, and value it as a priceless gem. Also, to sanctify something means that you do not allow anything near it that would hurt or destroy it. It is set apart for special use. This means that you don’t pass it around. It is not available to entertain other people.

When a man really loves his wife, he considers her the creme de la creme. When she receives such love, she will reflect it in her countenance, the way she looks at life, and in her interaction with others. Material things are not everything or the only thing a woman needs.

These principles of a woman’s need to receive love have been mainly expressed in the setting of a marriage relationship. However, they can be more broadly applied. Just as we all know that a woman can be a spiritual help and encouragement not only to her husband but to everyone around they encounter in their lives, men can and should do the same for women. Don’t you think so?

They (men) can help build a woman’s self-esteem by valuing her beyond material possessions, treating her with kindness and of course loving her the way Christ loves us. Every woman needs the affirmation of men one way or the other, just as men need the respect of women.

This is particularly important for men to understand since they are often in positions of authority over women; in the church, in the workplace, and in other realms of life, and they influence their perspectives and attitudes.

Men, do you need a guide? Then return to 1 Corinthians 13. It’s a perfect guide for men to respect and affirm women in any interaction or relationship they have with them. Every man needs to remember that women who are under their authority or supervision need to be treated with consideration so that the nature that God has given them will not be quenched.

Women often reflect the manner in which they are treated by men; if men reflect the love and nature of Christ in their dealings with women, then women can too.

The glory of something is the manifestation of its true and best nature”

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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