Morning Reflections…

When was the last time you cared about someone who isn’t your family, friend, or close comparison? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Or last year? Perhaps you can’t remember at all. We hold ourselves when it comes to giving and receiving and most times we do not give enough. When we do give, we give things that are despicable.

It is natural to expect to receive more than people are willing to give. But on the other way round, we should be willing to give because it is a source of receiving.

The gifts God gives us is not for us alone. There are people around us who need a portion if not little of the blessings we’ve got. Fishermen use reasonable bait to catch big fishes.

Farmers plant reasonable seedlings for a bumper harvest. Why then should we give so little and expect much? What we give is weighed from the viewpoint of what we have, that’s why Christ took notice of the widow and her mite.

Today, people who are not widows will say, this is my widow’s mite”. The widow’s might is as good as the millionaires millions, billionaires billions, etc. We can go ahead and proclaim how much we love God, and our neighbors.

The test lies on, how much we are willing to give out. God judges what we give through what we keep. The more we give, the more we receive. Why should we hold ourselves back from receiving from God? Why do we always believe we are not good enough?

Why should people be blind to the glaring challenge to give and help when it’s brought to their attention? When you give to God and your neighbor, you get peace, joy, and rest. It also attracts people’s prayer on your side.

“We should learn to give more if we want to receive more”

Good morning all. Lovely week to us all.

Blessings and Love

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