Growing Beyond Limitations!

There comes a time in every person’s life when he or she will pursue growth, development, and expansion on every level. This is often the period when you strive to overcome every limitation in all forms. Limitations like financial instability, physical weaknesses, scarcities, social vices, prejudices, etc.

For every time you acquire new knowledge, skills, or create something new, become innovative, you’re not only enhancing your life but that of others as well. And when you’re conscious of your growth no matter how minute it may be, when your attention is focused on what you do, there will be positive transformation.

There will be other limitations that you’ve got to live with, and can only be overcome internally, but to grow beyond limitations, then you’ve got to cut off every negative energy from and around you. Your circle must consist of people that are in your corner. You can not grow much when you’re surrounded with people that are not for you or with you.

Negative energies either keeps you trapped, intensely unhappy, in unhealthy competitions at all times. You must ensure that you remain uncontaminated by negativity. Look. Listen. Learn.

Growing beyond limitations begins when what you’re doing is not primarily a means to an end, and by that, I mean money, prestige, or winning but rather fulfilling in itself.

Unhappiness and negativity is a disease that has eaten deep into every fabric on earth. Even when you’re ready to get rid of yours, there would always be someone who will be willing to give you theirs without you requesting for it and without charge.

If you’re not spending all your waking life in discontent, anxiety, despair, or consumed by negative affairs; if you’re able to enjoy the simple things of life, enjoy the sound of the rain as it pours down, enjoy the howling sound of the wind, see the beauty in all of Gods creation.

If you find yourself finding fulfillment in what you do, treating a complete stranger with heartfelt kindness, without desiring to see others around you fall, then you can boldly say, “I am growing beyond limitations”.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay


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