Stop Being Loyal To The Wrong People!

Hello everyone! Over the weekend, I had a get-together with friends and colleagues. The intent of the meeting was to decipher possible ways of enhancing our teaching technique and procure better ways to help the struggling children in our care adjust well. But the discussion took a different turn when a lady who was invited by a colleague raised a topic: “why are we always loyal to the wrong people?”.

This left every one of us pouring our heart out, so many opinions were shared, tantrums were thrown, and ladies… we sure do know how to make our voices heard. We ended up paying less attention to the real intent of the meet. We had to reschedule.

Loyalty is a word that has lost its value in our world today. Loyal people are so hard to find and the ones that are loyal gets taken for granted or become loyal to the wrong people. Have you discovered lately that you get taken for granted all the time?

The people you love take you for granted all the time? You stretch yourself thin for your boss, yet he takes you and all you do for granted? Underrates you? You are loving and caring, dedicated, loyal to a fault, yet all your indulgences are taken for granted and turned into expectations? Not to worry. You’re not alone. I will tell you why and how to stop!

Very often we allow our loyalty to become our slavery without knowing. We find it hard to say ” no” when we should and “yes” when we ought to. We are predictable and always scared of what others would say when we stop doing the things we feel is the reason they refer to us as “you’re very sweet” or the reason we feel they love us.

Somewhere deep inside, you constantly doubt yourself and your abilities. All you see are your flaws and errors. You allow yourself to get broken inside and feel pleasing others and being loyal to them would fix you. You make it so easy for others to manipulate and use you.

You make others your priority and to them, you’re nothing but an option. Always loyal to people who don’t have your back at any point in time and if they do, it’s because they need far more reward from you, compared to what they are offering you.

What’s the point of having so many people around you that won’t ever be loyal to you? Why be loyal when everyone around you lies about everything else just because they’ve got one secret or excuse?

Start being loyal to yourself first. You stop being important the moment you let yourself go. Stop stretching yourself thin for anyone unless they are willing to do the same for you. Stop setting yourself up to be used and taken for granted by people who don’t deserve your loyalty.

Be conscious of your duty and how much of you is demanded to execute it. If the demand is more than the reward, please stop and review it again.

Be loyal to people who bring you peace and not complications. You’ve got dreams and visions, to achieve them, you must be like the Lion and surround yourself with your kind. Surround yourself with people who believe and share your dreams and visions. Stop rolling with the kites.

Fake people will always give you real reasons to cut them off, don’t be blind to those reasons. Cut them off as fast as you can. Real situation exposes fake people, so when it gets real, you’ll see who is real. Everyone deserves a second chance but don’t be stupid enough to give them a third. They won’t know what to do with it.

If the people around you can’t stand to see you grow, win, excel, don’t motivate you, why be around them? If you think having them around would grow your circle and give you some sort of recognition, then you’re not just in a wrong circle my dear, you’re in a cage.

The complexity of human nature has made them real pretenders. You can’t know who anybody really is unless push comes to shove. Sometimes, it’s the ones riding with you that are not riding for you. They are the ones silently competing with you. The last thing they want is the best for you.

Loyalty comes with expectations and if the people you’re loyal to don’t meet up, please stop and review your stand with them. Stop confusing the length of the friendship with the strength of the friendship. It’s not how far you’ve gotten in life but how much you’ve been able to accomplish with the people you surround yourself with.

Stop being loyal to the wrong people. Don’t allow the bad history to keep you in the misery. Be loyal to someone who would give anything to see you grow and achieve your goals. Not someone who would gossip about you whenever, however, and break you.

Be loyal to someone who would stand up for you, when you can’t even stand up for yourself. You can’t control someone’s loyalty but you certainly can control yours. Stop taking in every garbage people throw at you all in the name of being loyal.

Your life is yours and you have a say in it. Cut the negative people off and stop being loyal to those that don’t deserve your loyalty.

Those who don’t know the value of loyalty can never know the cost of betrayal”- anonymous

Love you guys.

Wisdom and Love

Photo Credit: Pixabay, Google Pics


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