Every Woman Needs Her Love Expressed Through Affection

Women need to have love continually expressed to them through affectionate words and gestures. We are aware of how men are basically logical and unemotional and how it affects their outlook on life, and they have also had the tendency to treat women in the same manner. Having known that yet because of the way women are designed, they interpret a man’s logical approach as coldness.

Men need to learn how to love their wives in such a way that they can understand and receive their love. That’s the key. Women have to be able to receive it. It isn’t enough for a man to think that he is giving a woman love; he needs to learn the ways in which she receives it. He also needs to learn in general how women recognize love, and he needs to learn how his wife, in particular, recognizes love.

Many men believe that they are expressing proper love to their wives by providing them with the basic essentials of life, such as food, shelter, and clothing, or by providing them with expensive gifts. Certainly, many men give these things out of a motivation of love; however, giving such items isn’t the only expression of love every woman needs. Men must learn and understand what works for their woman. He should not use a particular to conclude for general.

Every woman functions in love. She needs to hear it and expressed daily. For example, a man stands before the servant of God and the congregation of witnesses on his wedding day, and tells his wife, “I love you. I will cherish you for the rest of my life until death does us part.” Three months on and his wife asks, “Do you still love me?” He replies, a little surprised, “I told you that two months ago”. Three years on and she asks, ” Do you still love me”. Now, he gets really puzzled and says, “I told you that three years ago”.

Twelve years on and she asks, ” Do you still love me?” He gets overwhelmed and replies, “I told you that twelve years ago”. She replies, ” You haven’t said that me that in twelve years. He replies, “Sweetheart, I told you that twelve years ago and it still applies. If I ever change my mind, I’ll let you know”. What arrogance! That’s not affection. That’s ignorance.

When a woman feels loved, she has no reason to ask. It will be reflected in all she does and her outlooks to life. But when she doesn’t, she asks. And, this shows how insecure she feels about the love of her man even though she may be surrounded by all the material possessions and expensive gifts.

Every woman functions in love. She needs to hear it expressed often. Many women are of the opinion that receiving gestures of kindness and affection on a regular basis from their husbands, such as physical affection, notes, flowers, showing up at their workplace to take them to lunch or dinner, surprise get-away is what communicates love to them.

It is not the expense of the gifts as much as the true thoughtfulness behind them and the consistency of receiving them that makes the difference.

One of the most important reasons a woman was created is to receive love and affection. Men, stop doing less than they deserve!

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Google Pics


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