You’re Not Alone; God’s Got This!

Are you in a mess? Contemplating suicide? Hold on! You’re not alone. God’s got this!

Somewhere today you have already, probably said it, “I’m in a mess”. And that’s true. Not only you, but for me, and most people at every level of living. While some people believe that because they are not educated, don’t have a lot of money, is the reason why they have a problem. But then, I’ve come across people who despite been well fed, are poor, even poorer than those on some kind of welfare scheme. I can assure you that there are problems, difficulties, strides etc and, people find themselves in a mess at every level.

There is a message behind every mess…Find it!

So, today, I’m going to talk about how you can get out of the mess that you find yourself in.

First, you have to acknowledge that it is a mess and that you’re in a mess. One of the reasons why people don’t get liberated, delivered, or experience forgiveness as they used to forgive is because nobody is asking for it. Nobody is acknowledging that they are in the mess that they are in. And all of the people in higher learning, the psychologists, the scientists, and what have you, tell you that it begins with, ” acknowledging that you have a problem or that you’re in a mess”.

And let me also tell you before you attempt that suicide, or move away to another city, that there is comfort in knowing that you are not the first person to be in that particular mess. Now, the enemy tries to make you feel like the first person, the only person, the only stupid jerk that has ever done that. He tells you that if all the stupid persons that have done exactly what you’ve done would gather, an arena couldn’t hold. But the truth is, long before you were born, people were making mistakes and getting into messes just like you are. If every one of them committed suicide or ran away, there would be no one left on earth or in a city.

The second thing is that you have to stop listening to the accusing voice of the enemy (devil). His job is to quickly and erroneously tell you to hide away, stop praying, stop going to the people who are true believers. Rather he finds a way to connect you with people who remind you every minute that you’ve got a problem and they can’t help you with it nor point you to where you could get help. Whatever mess you’re in, don’t fall for the lie that says ” I’m in too much of a mess to go to God or to go to church or to even pray”.

What I’m trying to tell you today is that you’re not alone. I wish you were. I wish you’re the only one who had made stupid mistakes but if we are three billion people on planet earth, you can be rest assured that there are three billion people who have made the same mistakes that you’ve made. So, why the urgent rush to end your life?

I’m not trying to justify you. I wish you hadn’t done it. I wish you hadn’t abandoned your parents. I wish you hadn’t betrayed the trust of your family. But all these are in the past now! The big question should be, ” What are you going to do now? Where do you go from here? How do I clean my mess up?” The first thing that’s affected your decision from being positive is that the enemy has clouded your mind with negative words and thoughts.

He tells you that you’re alone, you’re not worthy to pray and you become negligent at the point of prayer, you feel too unworthy to come before God and pray. Who said you’re not worthy? If you weren’t worthy God wouldn’t have sent his only son Jesus Christ to come to die for sins he didn’t even commit. He wouldn’t have given us his Holy Spirit who makes intercessions on your behalf because you don’t know how to pray.

And guess what? Nobody has moved out of the room because you messed up. God is always with you before and after you mess up. The love and prayers of true believers are with you. The Holy Spirit is with you. The only thing that has moved in and gone wrong is that the enemy has filled your mind and made you believe that God hates you. He tells you nobody wants you, nobody wants that, nobody likes that, nobody needs you. It’s all a lie.

I need you. Somebody out there needs you. The world still needs you and the precious gift you have to offer. Everybody that has been born again still loves and need you. So, I’m saying to you today, “You’re not alone!”. Everything is around you. Change how you’ve been seeing things and what you’re seeing changes. The grace of God is still there. God’s love is still there. Christ love is still there. The Holy Spirit is still there and ever ready to hold you and let you know that you’re not the first person to mess up and you don’t have to commit suicide nor move out of town.

Any friend that forsakes you because you made a mess, without explaining why they can’t be there for you when you need them wasn’t a friend in the first place. He or she should be replaced. You don’t need them. God can give you better friends. And when you can get out of your mess is when you begin to appeal for the mercy of God. Tell him to have mercy upon you. He is a merciful God. According to his living kindness and multiple tender mercies, he blots out our transgressions. Stop throwing yourself to the mercies of people.

The psalmist and writer of this psalm, ” David”, had messed up a whole lot but he still believed in the abundant mercies of God. By appealing to the mercies of God, you’re not instructing him, you’re simply letting Him know that without his mercy, you cannot be whole, nor be just. And when we appeal for his mercy, we are simply asking for something that God is craving and willing to give us without hesitation.

God is not somewhere regulating his mercy and putting out a small portion of mercy. He has plenty of mercies. He wants no one to perish nor for anyone to go to hell. I know why some people don’t believe in the mercy of God, it’s because they’ve had an unpleasant encounter with unmerciful church folks. But God is not like the unmerciful church folks that tell you, “You messed up, you’re going to hell”.

The beauty of the goodness of God is that you are saved, loved and made for heaven. You can choose to go to hell but you don’t have to when you’ve got a beautiful home in heaven. For every time you contemplate suicide, you are telling yourself I am choosing to go to hell and you don’t have to. Not anymore! I want to encourage you that feels you’ve messed up, don’t have a chance in life, don’t deserve anything good anymore, to get down on your knees and ask God to blot out your mess and make it right with you again.

The bases of God’s action to our request is when we acknowledge that we have sinned, that our sins are ever before us and against him only have we done this evil before his sight. When we stop blaming it on James, Peter, or anyone else that comes into our mind. You may say,” God is holy. He is righteous. He has his angels and archangels, how do I get to him?

You are his child! Go before his throne and ask for his mercy and watch him take care of the rest. And when you stand before God, don’t feel just. No one is ever just by his own thought, but God’s mercies make us just. God bless you.

Have a lovely week ahead and stay lifted…

Blessings and Love

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12 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone; God’s Got This!

    1. God bless you more. Nothing would give me greater joy than to have this post get to all who needs it and for the Glory of God.

      You’re very lovely. Thank you for reading through and commenting 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you sister in Christ, you are a lovely daughter of God too. I have been in the place where I felt life was over and thought of giving up, but God showed up, including through the kindness and words of people – I have no doubt that our Great God will use your writing for His purposes. ❤


        1. Amen. You’re not alone sister. God always shows up when we call upon him. His mercies are numerous and never ceasing. I am ever ready for God’s use. Thank you for your kind words.

          Remain blessed and lifted ❤

          Liked by 1 person

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