How Is Your Relationship Going Today?

Think back at a time or a moment in your life when you were especially happy. It’s a good bet that that moment involved at least one other person. Happiness doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It happens in the context of relationships. A rich, happy life begins with rich, happy relationships. Resilient people reach out. They have a supportive social network. They enjoy being part of a group. The happiest people have strong relationships and feel a sense of belonging. They interact frequently with others. They know their purpose is about the unique way in which they serve others and make a positive impact in the world, and they live it out daily in their connections with people.

How are you doing when it comes to your relationships? Are people happy around you? Are the relationships in your life healthy and peaceful? How many trustworthy do you have in your life and who can you confide in?

Where do you feel a sense of belonging? Is it in your family? Work environment or community? How often do you practise a random act of kindness? Do you actively serve others, be it as a volunteer or by helping someone in your life who is in need?

Do you listen to others without interrupting? Do you withhold forgiveness from anyone? Do you think there’s no one you owe an apology? Do you feel heard! Does anyone care about what’s going on with you? Do people enjoy being around you?

Are you a great friend? Do you expose other people secrets? Are you supportive and respectful? How often do you tell the ones you love that you love them? Do you ask for help when you need it? Do you suffer from the comparison trap, measuring your worth by comparing yourself to others?

Are you comfortable receiving love? Are you easy to talk to? Do you require others to be perfect in order to be accepted by you? Do you love yourself? Do you have a healthy relationship with yourself?

Ponder over these questions as we begin this week. The answers you get will help you improve your relationship with yourself, your work environment, family, and the community at large.

Blessings and Love

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5 thoughts on “How Is Your Relationship Going Today?

  1. Coucou toi, mon Ami, Amie WHITNEY
    Je viens déposer
    Le soleil dans ton coeur
    Ma douceur dans ton âme
    Un ciel étoilé dans ton regard

    Lorsque ton coeur
    Parlera à mon coeur
    Nos âmes brûleront ,d’une douce chaleur

    Lorsque je viens te rendre visite
    Il me semble que je prends ta main
    Afin d’être unis d’une grande amitié Céleste
    Agréable journée ou soirée belle semaine
    Gros bisous Bernard


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