The Four Seasons Of Life You Must Learn From

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To everything that happens in life, there is a why, a season and time to every purpose under the heavens. So, there is a season and there’s a time to every purpose under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3:1). So listen, if there’s is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven, would it not make sense that God would deal absolutely with us according to our time and our season? Now, as you read this, I want you to remember to be mindful of the seasons. There are four major seasons in life and learning from is important to living a healthy life.

Here are the four lessons to learn in life:

.  Life and Business are like the changing seasons: This is one of the most valuable information I gained as a young lady (learned it the hard way though) just starting out.

.  You cannot change the season:  No matter how hard you try, you cannot change the seasons. It’s absolutely impossible. You cannot rearrange the seasons. You can’t say, “Well, I’ll take five harvest times, no raining seasons, a few dry seasons, and the harmattan seasons. The seasons are going to come however way they choose to come. But, you can change yourself. That was the message I got when I was in my early twenties and when life wouldn’t stop getting in the way.

You can change yourself. And by the way, only human beings have these extraordinary abilities to make tremendous changes in their lives. All other life forms are driven by instincts and genetic codes.  Human beings can go north, south, east and west. They can live in a place for five years and then tear it up and live a totally different life for another five years.

I am asking you to utilize your power as a human being created In the beautiful image and likeness of God and change your life whatever degree you want it to change. Any year you chose, you can make incredible changes to your life. You’re not a tree, so, you don’t have to stay. You’re not a goose, so, you don’t have to fly south only. Anytime you choose, you can change your attitude, change your income, change your abilities, and do more than you did yesterday.

Take on that as your God-given rights as a human being and change your life to whatever you want it to be. Learn the value of the season, rather than strive to change them or fight them.

.  Learn how to handle the winter season: it’s a fact of life, the winter season will always come. The winter always comes after the fall, night comes after day, difficulties follow opportunities and recessions always come after an expansion. So, winter will always come. The winter of sickness, appointment, devastation, social winters, economic winters, personal winters, when your heart is smashed into a thousand pieces, and the nights are uneasily long. The winter season is inevitable. It has been so for the six thousand years recorded in history.

Some winters are smaller than the others. When you put in your best into rehearsing for a play, got everything ready to show the star in you and then nobody shows up, a painful divorce, death in the family, tragedy, something’s you cannot understand, these are all little pieces of winter.

Here is what I do know; we can get through the winter. You ask, Whitney, how do I handle the winters? Here’s how:  You can get better, stronger and wiser. There is no winter that you cannot overcome. No winter that you cannot figure out how to survive. No winter so powerful enough that you cannot (with the strength of being a human being and a perfect reflection of God’s love) figure out a way to get through.

Winters don’t last forever. So, become wiser, better, and stronger to handle the winters that will come in your life.

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Lastly, Learn how to handle the season of spring: Springs always come. Sometimes the winter may seem long, the nights would never end. But, as certain as the sun would rise in the sky, the night will have to give way to the day, the winter gives way to the spring, the difficult time would give way to opportunities, recessions will give way to progression and expansion. The long nights will soon pass and new opportunities in the horizons.

Springs always comes. Just hang in there. Hang in there when the nights are long. Hang in there when it’s dark and you cannot figure it out. Your spring will surely come. Take advantage of the spring. Just because spring comes is no sign for you to look the other way. You must do something with it. Seize the moment. It is true that the bad times don’t last forever, but, here’s what you’ve got to understand as well; springs don’t last forever.

In space language it’s called “ The window of opportunity” when you get ready to blast off, the rocket headed for the moon, there’s a certain period of time, and that’s the time that you’ve got to go and if you don’t go, you will have to wait for another whole cycle to turn. So, please, take advantage. Don’t be lazy especially in the spring. Don’t be distracted especially in the spring.

If you ask a farmer to go car racing in the spring, he will think you’re insane. He can only go after the harvest but not in the spring. Spring is the time to massively increase your numbers. Get up a little early and stay up a little lat. Pray a little longer. Whatever you do, take advantage of the spring season when it comes, it’s only a handful and life on earth isn’t forever but in Christ it is eternal.

All things must pass. The sunrise doesn’t last all day, spring doesn’t last all year, and the sunset doesn’t last all night. We all have periods of time, pieces of time and when they come, we must take advantage of them. No matter what trouble, tribulations you face, pain you go through, in the end, God is going to win and so shall you if you stand with him. In Christ, there are no losers, in Christ no matter how much difficulty there is, you will be a winner.

One thing I have learned about Gods trials is that he hardly ever tells them that it’s a trial. And if you hold on for six months, you will be free. Sadly, we go through five months and twenty-nine days and then give up. We don’t know we had just one more day to victory. In life, whatever season you find yourself, never give up. I have never come across a passage in the Bible that encourages giving up if there is, please comment and the verse in the comment box below.

God determines how long the test and seasons would last not you. You see, waiting is one of the tests in which God almost invariably subjects his servants he intends to use. You cannot bypass endurance. You can come so far but the completeness is only through endurance. And, just when it seems impossible to hold on, that’s the time to hold on.

Quit giving up. If you feel you’re in a test and you’re not doing alright, please don’t give up. Hang in there. God is faithful even when we are unfaithful.

Blessings and Love

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