The Dangers Of Soul-Tie… Listen For The Secrets

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Hello everyone! The worst decision or position to be in is to know that what you’re doing or what you’re about to do is wrong,  but something deep down on the inside of you would not allow you to let it go and you think it’s love but it’s not always love, it’s a soul tie. Relationships and real love are beautiful. When you find the one that gives you peace, you hold on to it. But, when you find yourself in compromising situations that the end would be disastrous and toxic, you run. When you’re over at your man’s house, it’s movie night, you’re both chilling and he puts his arm around you, and you know what is about to go down is wrong, but yet, you find yourself itching closer even when a part of you is screaming “run, you’re not ready, why rush?, my body is the temple of God”.  But you ignore that part of you and go ahead to satisfy that urge. You see, that force that kept pushing you to him is called “soul tie”.

It takes special grace from God, self-discipline, courage to see a man you’ve bonded with sexually and resist the urge to be with him again especially when the feeling is mutual. That’s why God admonishes us in 1 Corinthians 6: 18 to run from sexual sin. No other sin so clearly affects the body and joins you to someone as this one does.  You see, as young women, we need to stop lying to ourselves; Sex is good but after marriage. It ain’t fun when you’re bound up to something that God is trying to free you from, to be bound up to something you’re trying to free yourself but you can’t go. You try to leave but your heart won’t let you either.

The danger of having sex before marriage is that you’re yoking yourself together with this person and every other person they’ve been with. It’s even more dangerous because you’ve opened yourself up spiritually to this person and to everything he’s connected to. You don’t know what demon he’s battling with, you don’t know what’s inside of him he’s trying to let go, you don’t know if he’s got spirit of depression, anger, spirit of pornography, spirit of homosexuality, and all this stuff are getting into you and on you, all because you opened yourself up to it. Unknown to you, you’ve got a brand new “Soul tie” that you’ve got to deal with. God doesn’t want this for you. He wants to use you and give you the glory you deserve, but you’ve given your body to so many entities.

In this hyperactive, want it now generation of ours; we need mothers in God that will sit their children down and teach real them real values of life. It’s not enough to tell them to abstain from sex for fear of being pregnant or incurring diseases upon themselves, you’ve got to teach them the dangers of a soul tie. There is a big difference between saved and unsaved, righteous and unrighteous. No matter how permissible an action is, it doesn’t always make it right.

When you’re engaged or aligned in a toxic soul tie in your life, it causes all kinds of hell to be unleashed against you. It causes paralyses in some people and in many others depression, procrastination, unstable emotions. It becomes a magnet that pulls you against your will and to certain directions you don’t want to go.

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Listen for the secrets: There is a family dysfunction that is generational. I believe we call it generational curses today.  Let’s examine Queen Athaliah in the Bible (2 Kings 8: 16 – 29, 2 Chronicles 22: 10).  She was one of the wicked queens recorded in the Bible, the daughter of King Ahab of Isreal and her name means “the Lord is exalted”. King Ahab was a corrupt ruler who led the people of Israel into the false worship of Baal and other idolatrous practices. He married a foreign woman named Jezebel and supported her while she promoted pagan religions in the nation of Israel. Athaliah learned a lot from both of her parents, but the ruthlessness that she displayed during her life could probably be attributed to her mother, Jezebel. Queen Athaliah forced her way on the throne of Judah and ruled the land for six years. 

King Jehoram married Queen Athaliah and became associated with the family of Ahab. Jeroham was apparently impressed and influenced by Ahab because he became a part of his lineage through his marriage to Athaliah. He also governed his people in the same way as Ahab. Once Athaliah became his wife she encouraged Jeroham to continue in the ways of her parents. Jeroham followed her advice and tempted God to destroy the kingdom of Judah. God didn’t wipe out the people because of the promise that he made to King David about keeping one of his descendants from each generation ruling from the throne.

A military commander by the name of Jehu was sent by God to kill off the royal line of Ahab. Jehu had carried out God’s orders and destroyed most of Ahab’s family including Athaliah’s husband Jeroham and her son King Ahazia. Once her son had passed away Athaliah decided to kill off the rest of the royal line so that no one could claim any right to rule. Apparently, it didn’t matter if the people she was killing was her children, grandchildren and relatives. After she carried out this deed she became the undisputed Queen of Judah.

While Queen Athaliah was wiping out her royal line her sister Jehosheba hid one of Ahaziah’s children named Joash and hid him in Solomon’s Temple under the watch of her husband Jehoiada who made sure that he would remain safe until the right time. Jehoiada was a godly man and the head priest in the temple. While Athaliah ruled the kingdom he plotted her assassination in order to place the young king Joash back on the throne. In the sixth year of Athaliah’s rule, Jehoiada carried out his plot.

He took the young king to the temple and declared him king before the people. Athaliah heard the commotion and tried to figure out what was going on. When she went down to observe what was happening, Jehoiada ordered his soldiers to assassinate her and anyone who followed her. Once Athaliah was slain young Joash was finally free to rule the kingdom. – More source from

You see, a family dysfunction that would have continued till date if Jehoiada didn’t put an end to Queen Athaliah. I am calling on mothers and daughters, sons and fathers, to listen for the secrets. Because it is the secrets of yesterday that becomes the strongholds of today. Ask yourself; what are the family stories connected to the person that I am bonding myself with?

Mothers, you need to teach your daughters poise, dignity, class, grace and how to be a lady. Train her to be the lady every man would desire for a wife, not a woman that will desire every man. Teach your daughters not to ask men for money. Teach them to walk with integrity and righteousness. Mothers teach your daughters not to accept gifts from men that are neither their father nor brothers until they are matured enough to decipher what they want from what they need.

Teach them to have faith in God, for the Lord’s provision and not to compromise in relationships. Teach them to be modest in all they do. Let them know that they are too blessed to be stressed. Teach them that the blessings of the Lord has made them so rich and added no sorrow. Let them know that they are created in the image and likeness of God and they are loved. Fathers, teach your sons to honour and respect women. Teach them to wait till after marriage and that it pays to be faithful to one woman. Let them know that conquering women doesn’t make them champions rather it exposes them to life-threatening dangers. Fathers teach your sons to think with their head and not with what’s between their legs.

Ladies, stop thinking that any man that compliments you wants your body. Class and dignity still pay. You don’t need to sleep with him before he knows you love him. If he doesn’t see you love him with your clothes on, trust me, he ain’t going to see it with your clothes off.

If you’re reading this, maybe there is something God wants to get in order concerning your perspective and consciousness on sex because it seems every time you take a step forward, your sex life snatches you five-step backwards. I want you to get your clarity back today. I need you to get your strength back today. I need you to get your power back.

You have soul ties with the people you sleep with and even when you are no longer in bed with them, they remain in your head”.

 Blessings and Love

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