Learning To Push Through The Pains


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Recalling my childhood is always fun, especially when I remember the mischiefs and the antics of my siblings and I. Even though I was more of the shy and reserved type, “bookworm” as my friends would call me, I think I still had my fair share of childish mischief and one of those led to me breaking one of my fingers. I can still recall my dad’s voice echoing in my head right now, giving me a million and one reasons why I needed to get my acts right.  A girl at my age, still trying to write my essays correctly, and then, here is my dad breathing down my neck about life. My finger hurts daddy, who cares about life lessons now? I murmured inside” And, by the time he was done with me, I was looking for a new dad.

I can still remember the grin I had each time he restricted my siblings and me from so many things we felt was fun.  He is an amazing dad and I am thankful he thought my siblings and I that no matter what happens in life, we must never stop pushing through the pains.  These weren’t lessons we took seriously as kids, but today, they are life-changing and worth hearing.  Those words have become my driving force. The pendulum that swings my life into action when life and its baggage choose me.

Over time, I have learnt that you don’t aspire to greatness by being known as a quitter, you don’t get to the top of your field by being a person who quits when things get difficult. The moments in life that take your breath away are the ones that truly count the most. You need the downs to get to the top, you need the ups to create the downs and sometimes, you fully need to feel the opposites to truly understand the full reality of the life you are living.

It’s never easy to push through the pain. A woman in labour would not dream of having another baby when contractions continue to become stronger, longer and closer together, and her cervix dilates to seven (7) centimetres. But, she pushes through the pain because she is determined to hold her little gift in her arms. And, when she does, she automatically forgets the pains. Same thing with life challenges. You just don’t quit because of the pain, you should only quit when you’ve attained success.

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Yes, you will struggle with the pain, you may probably not see any way around it. You will fall many times, but then who’s counting? But, if you want to make it to the top, you have to learn to push through the pain. No doubt you will be stressed, depressed, knocked off. Know this;  you can never accomplish all the dreams that you’ve had since the time you were a little kid, if when faced with a challenge and you say, “You know what? This ain’t worth the fight?” Says who?

Learning to push through pains is prerequisite to success. Don’t be afraid to fail. If you’re challenged, don’t worry about it, learn from it. There’s always a message behind every mess. Become stronger when pushed to the wall rather than fall. If you do fall, get back up. Who said you have to remain down there? Get back up and make a statement. Make a statement in your life, make a statement in your world. You’re worth the world, you’re part of this world and someone still needs you. And, like I always say, “You are a perfect reflection of God’s love. You are loved by Him warts and all”.

When you want something as much as you want to breathe, you will overcome every pain to achieve greatness. There is glory in trying, especially when what you’re fighting for is right and moral. And, when life challenges are chasing you, position and surround yourself with people that motivates and inspires you. There is a reason why Eagles don’t fly nor hang around with Kites. And remember,” those who hope in the Lord will soar on wings like Eagles – Isaiah 40: 31”. You can’t be depressed and surround yourself with Debbie Downers.

You are the best you, most fulfilling and unique, protect yourself. Protect your dreams. Fight for what you need and believe in. You don’t stop when you’re tired, you rest. You only stop when you’re done. Truth is, I don’t care how young or old you are, age is a number and nothing more. You are as old as you think you are.  I need you to be determined by experience to be a better version of yourself on a daily basis. I need you to be determined by what you’ve done and tested, what you’ve dwelled in, by how many times you’ve pushed your limits and broken down to push through the pain and reach for greatness.

I need you to push through the pain, break through the barriers, and create new horizons for yourself. Get back up and live your life. When there is a will, there’s definitely a way.

You need someone to talk to, not to worry. Just take a step and email me; ednaibe79@yahoo.com and together we will push through the pain, for victory is on the other side of the wall. And, the secrets of champions are in their story not in their glory.

Blessings and Love

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