Every Woman Is A Commanding Communicator!



Yes, you heard that right! Good day everyone. Trust you’re all doing alright? You see, women are indeed commanding communicators. When a woman speaks, she speaks with power, no matter how gentle and soft she may appear. She has the power to make a man walk into a wall, she also has the power to make a strong man weak and to turn him into a lapdog, instead of a mighty warrior. A woman has that kind of authority in her voice. She has the ability to make a man feel like a king or to feel like a kid.

Sadly, not every woman knows this. Society has sidelined and marginalized women that many now expect the approval of their self-worth to come from a man and most the men are not up to par. Many have been termed weak for fear of speaking out or against violence melted at them by men and society. As we already know some chauvinist boldly say, ” It’s a man’s world“.  Never be so fast to utter negative words from your mouth over yours or anyone else. Words spoken can never be retrieved no matter how many times we say, ” I take it back”.

Bless more than you curse. If you feel the urge to speak your mind to that person that has offended and you understand the power of your words, in order not to say harmful and destructive words, leave the scene and take a walk. Just breathe.

Women, to be timid, sidelined, rejected, maimed, was never God’s plan for you. You’ve got to know the way you carry yourself whenever you speak because whatever comes out of your mouth is going to be received by your man and everyone around you. It would get chewed if it’s fresh, edible and fit for consumption, on the other hand, it would also get spit out if it’s rotten, garbage and expired. Women, you’ve got that authority in your voice. Understand your strength and weaknesses and learn to be comfortable with them. You are as powerful as the words you speak.

You’d be surprised at the number of women who are living out of what other people think or say about them and that’s sad.  For these women, it’s not like they don’t know what they want, some of them really do but they do not know that they can articulate their desires with authority, they don’t know they can pull themselves out of that hell hole just by speaking out and reaching out, they also don’t know they can get the love they have so desired all their life. There are so many beautiful things in life to see but very often we have our fists over our face, ever ready to throw the first punch.

Now, you’re beginning to understand that as a woman, you are worth much more than what men, family, or the society says you are. You are priceless. Without you, every home is nothing but a house. Your price is far above the rubies, stop cheapening yourself! Now, even though you are gifted, anointed, and powerful because of the wisdom of God in you, you are still intriguing and you intrigue God. I encourage you to stop nagging, stop trying to control your man’s every move and behaviour. That’s not your job.  Speak with him rather than should at him. Applaud his simple gestures rather than reprimand him.


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Learn how to use your commanding skills for good. Speak with your husband when you need him to do something like the warrior that you are and trust that he is listening and will do as you have said. We lose the authority in our words when we continually nag about everything and anything, abuse and insult our husbands, brothers, sons, colleagues, etcetera. Words like, I told you to take out the trash. I told you to drop the kids off this morning. My mama told me not to marry you, now I see why. You’re so lazy. You are not man enough can break any man including yours. Understand the wisdom and you will see him doing what you want with pride and zealousness.

When a woman speaks with the wisdom and timing of God, there is nothing that she cannot effect. Mighty women of God like Hannah, Naomi, learnt wealth and worth of prayer to God as commanding communicators. Today, we boldly and confidently make references to them.  As women, we have got to learn to speak to God about what we want and we shouldn’t be satisfied until we get it. I have learned that I fight and win when I am on my knees before God. Physically, I ain’t so strong and weapons of warfare aren’t strong enough, but when I am on my knees, I feel like a giant.

Pray it through even if people look at you like you’re crazy and once you get it, give it back to God so he can help you maintain it. To all my lovely single sisters out there, trusting God for a life partner, pray it through, work on yourself and the words you speak, do not be satisfied until you get what you want. When you do get your prayers answered, give him back to the Lord so that he can help you maintain him. Understand this, you cannot do it on your own. Your wisdom cannot and would never be enough.

Nobody has ever had a problem telling us what we are not. It comes easy just like the wind, but I am here to tell you that you’ve to start believing in yourself and the power you possess. Start believing in what God says about you and move beyond your low self-esteem. It’s never easy communicating effectively to anyone when you are broken, when you don’t like yourself for reasons best known to you. In our society today, a lot of women are not okay with who they are and what they have become. Many have become a product of the system, and so a lot of them end of screaming for respect. You don’t demand respect ladies, you earn it. You don’t go screaming at your husband, your boss, children and expect them to respect you and what you say.

Start by respecting yourself first. You want people to like what they see in you, start by liking and appreciating yourself. Nobody can do that better than you. Nobody can love you better than you. When you love yourself first, you won’t find it difficult loving another. Learn to tell yourself, “I am wonderfully and fearfully made. I am awesome. There’s no one like me. I am unique. I am loved. I am creative. I am empowered. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. When you start speaking these words into your life, it won’t be long before you affect another with your positive spirit.

It breaks my heart when I hear young vibrant ladies say, ‘ I wish I can be good. I wish I can be better”. Yes, you can! Stop wishing for a better life and start praying for a better life. You don’t serve a Gene in a bottle that you have to wish for things, you serve and have the Almighty God who you can pray to and be confident that he has heard you. Get rid of the mess you have been carrying around and let God take over.

Ladies, build your confidence but speak with authority and let your words be seasoned with grace. God bless you.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Google Pics, Pixabay


3 thoughts on “Every Woman Is A Commanding Communicator!

  1. Women Are Powerful Indeed but we tend to forget that, and like you mentioned most of us need God’s timing and and instructions n our lives to help us control and use our power wisely. It has been this way since the beginning of time Remember Adam and Eve? Good read sister.


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