Forgetting Hurts And Disappointments


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Even though you feel many things have been delayed in your life, do not give up hope. While there have been many disappointments throughout your life, do not fall into the temptation of giving up the hope placed within you. Surely you will have trouble in this world, but do not concern yourself with all of these things, for this world and this life is but temporary, while what you are pursuing, accomplishing, and developing is eternal.

While you feel lost, hopeless, and as though there is no way for you to make your path in this world, remember I am with you in all things. You are not alone, and all my plans for you will come about in due season. The greater glory hidden within you is still yet to be revealed, and the purpose for which you were born and created is still yet to manifest. While you have an idea of what this purpose is, you have only seen a small glimpse. You have only seen a segment, and have not seen its fullness.

My hope will sustain you. Through many delays and setbacks, my hope is near you and will sustain you through all these things, and even more. My hope will not disappoint you as you draw yourself to me and abandon your appetites for foreign things, foreign activities, and foreign gods. The things that will easily distract you will end up weighing you down, choking out the hope I have given you, for it is very easy for your mind and your heart to become concerned with distractions.

While you feel tired and feel as though you cannot continue, remember your first love and call out to me. Call out to me and I will meet you right where you are. I will not ignore you. I will not forsake you. I will not abandon you. I will give you good things that will truly satisfy you. So come away with me, Dearly Beloved, and we will walk hand in hand as we forget the hurts from the delays and disappointments you have experienced. We will walk in the joy and love between us, pressing forward to pursue, but also manifest, the glory of all that is yet to be revealed.

You are loved.

Thank you, Neil Vermillion, for; your trust, cordiality and unique support; God bless you real good.

Blessings and Love

Photo Credit: Reflector Pics


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