Never Stop Being Your Best

Keep being your best no matter what comes your way. Here’s the key: I have learned that in a split second, one touch of God’s favor can take you further than you could go in your whole lifetime on your own. Never allow the negative stuffs people say about you, or throw at you, make you give less of what you’ve got in you. There are ideas, inventions, books, movies, and songs that have your name on them. As you keep being your best, honoring God, like a magnet, you’re going to draw in what already has your name.

No one has ever had a problem telling you what you’re not. They’ve never had a problem talking you down, making you feel like you don’t belong, but I need you to understand that they don’t get to conclude. Words can only affect you if the person saying it means something to you. I’m encouraging you to keep living a life of excellence and integrity. Everything you need to fulfil your destiny has already been laid up for you.


Blessings and Love

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