The Face In The Mirror

The Face In The Mirror.

Beauty is vain said the sculptor.
Everything else is meaningless if heart misplaces the right emotions.
The more we tend to look, the less we capture.
She was every man’s dream.
A masterpiece to behold.
A perfect compliment to everyone.
She has the perfect face in the mirror.

He seemed tough, and he could take on anyone, he presumed.
Limitations was not his watchword.
Nothing significant has ever been accomplished without controversy,
And, she was his controversy.
He hoped that when his glory will be shared,
His story will be told loudly.

Every day he wore the challenge of conquering her like a shield,
Expecting that she would notice his strength and valor.
All he wanted to do was to make his mark in her life.
He was done daydreaming. He allowed his imaginations roam and then gave them a chance to breathe.
Mama said to dream big and think big, and, she is going to be his greatest trophy.
He was completely heartbroken and smitten with her.
She is the face in his mirror.

She is strong, fierce, serious and focused.
A woman who challenges and questions every wrong.
A woman with integrity, elegance and poise.
Hard worker with less inclination for dates.
Pounds are lost and miles won with her around you.
Whenever she smiles at me, my heart skips a million beats,
My fears grow slim and all doubts go away.
How do I make this face in my mirror mine?

Finishing strong

Blessings and Love

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