Morning Reflection For Today

So much of what we pursue is fleeting. Once we acquire it, we have to try to preserve it because we know it will soon be gone. God has promised us that just as he is eternal and will live forever, so also are those who pursue a relationship with him and are committed to do his will. So, as we begin this new week, let’s sit down and look at how we spend our time, our money, and our efforts and ask if what we are pursuing is really something that is worth having. Then let’s ask one more important question: “Even if it is worth having, is it going to last long enough to make a difference?”

We need to ask God for the courage to be honest about what we’re pursuing with our lives. We need to let our life count for his cause. I encourage you to make a difference for good. Some of our desires, if we are being honest are self- serving. We can’t make a difference if all we care about is, “me”. Make a decision today to have a life that impacts others for good and would bring honor to God’s name. Don’t waste your time chasing after things that won’t last and don’t matter. While we desire to chase morals and values, we must also ask God for spiritual wisdom to follow his will rather than chase the shadow values of our cultures.

Good morning everyone 💖

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