The Journey From Salvation To Transformation (Pt 2)

But how do I practise? Is it just a matter of facing a thousand annoying situations and doing your best? No. Because of sin, your best is incredibly weak believe me from time immemorial. On your own, you’ll keep using the same old pattern (much like your old golf swing) over and over. Therefore, you might need to practice humbly opening yourself to the Holy Spirit’s input several thousand times, both in stressful and non-stressful situations, before that part of the job becomes second nature.

There are other practices I would recommend:
. Solitude
. Community
. Silence in the midst of storms
. True worship
. Bible meditation

All these can help contribute to reprogramming your brain. These are like doing upper back exercise so your body is in shape to hit golf balls.

Here is a link to the journey from salvation to transformation part 1:

Blessings and Love as you grow in Love and newness of heart found in Jesus Christ. 💕

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