Reasons Why Knowing Who You Are Can Help You Live A Better Life

Hello there,

Yesterday, I got a question on Quora on how knowing who you are can help you live a better life. I will be sharing the response I provided with you all.

The day you discover who you are, that day you begin to live. You not only live, but live intentionally.

Knowing who you are can help live a better and here are a few reasons;

  1. Knowing who you are helps you see others as clearly as you see yourself.
  2. You have confidence, proving yourself to yourself and not to anyone else.
  3. You compete with yourself to greater heights, rather than engage in unhealthy competition with anyone and anything.
  4. You stop seeing yourself through the lens of those who don’t value you nor your self worth.
  5. You become more happy with yourself and less frightened to show who you really are.
  6. You begin to live life the best way you possibly can, not the way anyone would want you to.
  7. You stop being a people pleaser.
  8. Your scars no longer break you, but strengths you.
  9. You choose your own crowd and the voices you need to hear.
  10. You can confidently distinguish your needs from your wants.
  11. Your past, money, and people can no longer control you.
  12. You no longer need to buy into other people’s doubt.
  13. You believe more in yourself.
  14. Knowing who you are helps be real to yourself.

The list is endless….

Understand that knowing who you are is prerequisite to living a healthy, purposeful, and happy life. It gives you an edge to handling and surviving the storms of life.
We’ve all got a right to a happy, beautiful life.

Never be ashamed of who you are nor of your scars. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Most importantly,
Put your trust in God and stop depending heavily on anyone, believe in God and believe in yourself then the sky is your starting point, not your limits.

Photo by Dev Asangbam, Austin Schmid

Love ❤️


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