3 Reasons Why You End Up In Chains When You Refuse To Change

Humans are custom built for change. And to change does not always mean you have to become someone else. It means adding on or adjusting something that already exists. Folks who go around boasting on how they can’t change end up in chains. You can recognize a man who is not accustomed to change by his level of ignorance. He has long arms that pats himself on the back when he’s being reproached for wrong or biased judgment.

Resisting change has its own revenge. Change is life. At any time, at any age, we can change. When we refuse to change our opinion or give room to fresh perspectives, we end up like concrete – all mixed together and permanently set.

Postpone your resistance to change for these three reasons.

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Blessings and Love ❤️

One thought on “3 Reasons Why You End Up In Chains When You Refuse To Change

  1. My sweetest Whitney, when you don’t accepting times are a-changing , more than Bob Dylan tunes, you’re walking through quicksands and you’re sinking in a brainstorming to a breakdown… we must be resetting our POV’s . Kisses and stay safe!


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