You Need To Have A Day Of Rest

Let us remember to care for ourselves in the midst of our busy days. We are all accountable to ourselves at the end of the day. Let’s not put off our own well being for frivolities, but instead nurture the lives God has given us as we seek to glorify him.

” Do you set a day aside to rest?” Alice’s counselor asked.
Alice admitted to her counselor that she was overextended in her career. She felt that she was neglecting her husband and family, and with each passing Sunday, she felt more distant from God.
” I’m trying to do a thousand things, and I’m not doing any one of them well. I’m so tired, said Alice.”

This was a common complaint of many women who sought the counselor’s advice. The demands made by families and careers are enormous and a number of them feel overwhelmed by their lives. Though each woman would have to decide on her priorities for time management, the counselor always asked this question; ” Do you set aside time to rest and a day to worship?”

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