Be Disciplined……

As people who want to enjoy our lives today and be strong and healthy for the future, we need discipline in so many areas of our lives. This includes: our eating and exercise habits; the way we use our time; our thoughts, words and emotions; our ability to respond to criticism properly and endure suffering.…… Continue reading Be Disciplined……

Sisters…..#Friends For Life!

Growing up my siblings were the best support system i had and even as we grew older we still have each others back. “Just as life’s journey involves a lot of unexpected events and you have to be ready to perceive them in the right way, that’s how we meet people every day and how we…… Continue reading Sisters…..#Friends For Life!

When Life Says No…..What Next?

What next? What do you do? What happens when everything and everyone you know says No to you? What do you do when everything falls apart? Cry? Laugh? Break a nail? Smash everything around you? Run? Shut everyone out? Talk to someone? Cry with a friend? Take a walk? Scream at everything and everyone? Breathe?…… Continue reading When Life Says No…..What Next?

The Place Of A Woman….Her Desires!

My Sunday school teacher often say that a woman’s place is “In the kitchen and in the other room”. Well, biblically Yes. He says it with so much authority and fire in his eyes like he’s about to light up the entire Street ( Smiles). After service, I had a chat with some ladies both…… Continue reading The Place Of A Woman….Her Desires!

The Versatile Blogger Award……

First and foremost, I would like to dedicate this award to God, the reason why I am Me. To my wonderful fans and followers, your dedications got me here. There would be no whitneyibeblog without you guys. You guys are the reason my blog is considered versatile in the first place. To Riya Rajayyan, thank…… Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award……

Are We All One?……..

Is it possible that we are all related? Is it also possible ( considering how the DNA works, we get 50% from and 50% from Dad and the same from our parents, the same from our parents parent and so on) that by our DNA we could have brothers and sisters all over the world?…… Continue reading Are We All One?……..

Her Smiles…..

I know it may be hard to believe, But this, is what I live for, All I crave for, What breaks every man when they see it, And makes them miserable when it’s gone. You make everything seems perfect. No matter what you’ve heard, You are worth more than all the rubies and diamonds in…… Continue reading Her Smiles…..