Make The Choice!

I don’t have to tell you life is not perfect. That is not breaking news to you, is it? Truly, no one’s life is everything he or she wants it to be. We all have more challenges and struggles, sometimes even heartbreaks and tragedies. I have never met one person who could honestly say, “Every…… Continue reading Make The Choice!

It’s All Good!

One way to stay peaceful, content,and unruffled is to know how to cast your care on the Lord and be be at peace with his decisions for you. Yea! I know sometimes things can get really crazy and rationality becomes questionable but responding to every challenges by your own wisdom is even crazier. I used…… Continue reading It’s All Good!

Saying I Love You…

Oftentimes, saying I love you to the ones we love isn’t always the words we want to say. They usually don’t come out right when we say them right? It isn’t luck that brings us to the ones we love and yet when we have them, we struggle with words to express exactly how we…… Continue reading Saying I Love You…

The Beauty Of Mercy….

We all make mistakes in life, do things we shouldn’t do,it’s easy to live guilty, filled with regrets and feel washed up. We can understand how God will bless us when we do things right, making good choices, it’s easy to expect good things, believe our dreams to come to pass but the beauty of…… Continue reading The Beauty Of Mercy….

The Rain….

Growing up i have always fancied walking in the rain, dancing in the rain, and even playing in the rain even though my mother made it clear that bathing in the rain is a very big crime as long as you lived in her house. I still do that, hush now! “Not in the public…… Continue reading The Rain….

The Defeated Life…#The Cycle Of Sin!

How and why do believers, who sincerely want to live holy lives still end up trapped in a cycle of sin and living a defeated life? I was reading a paper this morning and came across a story of a young boy who became born again sometime last year, was fervent in the things of…… Continue reading The Defeated Life…#The Cycle Of Sin!

Not Guilty…..(Quest Post)

How can this be? Having gone through the long list Of all the wrongs I have committed I thought I was guilty It should have been me I haven’t been compassionate Haven’t cared at all Had master’s in anger A PhD in unforgiveness Ever protective of everything But never careful about anything What kind of…… Continue reading Not Guilty…..(Quest Post)