Saying I’m Sorry… Difficult?

There are people in life that will never apologize no matter what you say or do and there are people who would not stand to see another get hurt. There are also people who will never admit they were or are wrong, as long as they are concerned they are always right. They are pumpous,…… Continue reading Saying I’m Sorry… Difficult?

Becoming What You Believe…..

Hi everyone, am i the only one or is there anyone else thankful for this holiday break? I wish the holidays could stretch a little longer but then its not just about me. Many of us have jobs, businesses, school, life to get back to. Wondering what holiday am talking about? Well, i am referring…… Continue reading Becoming What You Believe…..

Spilled Milk…….

I am  pretty sure everyone must have spilt milk in their childhood either during breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I do remember my mom telling me that while i was little, i was very inquisitive. I always wanted to know everything and so one faithful day she prepared hot water for tea and left it on…… Continue reading Spilled Milk…….


I sincerely apologize dear fans for the silence for some couple of days now. I am currently preparing for my exams, it takes most of time lately but i promise to post as often as i can.  My day two quote is a very one. Funny because everyone i hear someone say it, no matter…… Continue reading SIX DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE DAY TWO(2)


Anextraordinarygirlinanordinaryworld, saying thank you will never be able to express how i feel right now. Thank you for a being a part of this journey and am sure together, we will all make the world a better place. Thank you for nominating me for this challenge, I’m truly humbled, never stop dreaming.   The quote i…… Continue reading NOMINATED FOR THE SIX-DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE (DAY ONE)..

Self Esteem…..(#Part 1)

When you want to smile and end up sighing When life seems like an uphill task Frustration and pain takes over Life has a way of bringing the worst out of every one When things seems worst don’t quit. You may feel dead inside You may feel like crying You want joy but tears won’t…… Continue reading Self Esteem…..(#Part 1)

Positive Attitude….. Positive Life

Many times I find myself quoting this scripture “The joy of the Lord is my strength”, ” This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” The truth is it’s not easy to quote these words from the heart and stay positive when everything around you seems to…… Continue reading Positive Attitude….. Positive Life