The Defeated Life…#The Cycle Of Sin!

How and why do believers, who sincerely want to live holy lives still end up trapped in a cycle of sin and living a defeated life? I was reading a paper this morning and came across a story of a young boy who became born again sometime last year, was fervent in the things of…… Continue reading The Defeated Life…#The Cycle Of Sin!

Take A Gos-Pill…….

When I open up the word of God, I literally view it as God talking to me and He does. These are living words. The Bible is alive, it’s not dead yet. The average person doesn’t believe the truth that God’s word contains everything necessary for success. That’s why they don’t meditate on the word…… Continue reading Take A Gos-Pill…….

Storms Of Life…..

Hang on brother or brace yourself! God’s got your back. Have you ever found yourself in that place? Stuck in one of life’s storms, and no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, it seems you cannot make any headway? Well, we all have times like that! I do. Sometimes you feel…… Continue reading Storms Of Life…..

Self Esteem…..(#Part 1)

When you want to smile and end up sighing When life seems like an uphill task Frustration and pain takes over Life has a way of bringing the worst out of every one When things seems worst don’t quit. You may feel dead inside You may feel like crying You want joy but tears won’t…… Continue reading Self Esteem…..(#Part 1)

Be Healthy….Stay Happy!

Have you ever wondered how you are going to enjoy your life now and have the strength for tomorrow if you are not healthy? Ever wondered if you will be able to witness the birth of your grandchildren if you are not healthy nor taking good care of yourself? At the end of the day,…… Continue reading Be Healthy….Stay Happy!

No more…. Taking The Limits Off

I saw you as the boss Relished every word you said Always right, while I was always wrong Consumed by you, I believed you Constantly walked on my toes For fear of hurting you For fear of never being good enough The weight I carried was never meant for me The hurts, the silence, kept…… Continue reading No more…. Taking The Limits Off

Trusting Through The Trials…..

A young mother wishing to encourage her daughter’s progress on the piano, took her to a piano concert in London. After they were seated, the mother spotted a friend in the audience and went over to greet her.   Seizing the opportunity to explore the wonders of the concert hall, the little girl rose up…… Continue reading Trusting Through The Trials…..