The Beauty Of Mercy….

We all make mistakes in life, do things we shouldn’t do,it’s easy to live guilty, filled with regrets and feel washed up. We can understand how God will bless us when we do things right, making good choices, it’s easy to expect good things, believe our dreams to come to pass but the beauty of…… Continue reading The Beauty Of Mercy….

Anger And Masculinity….

Many men seem to have the strange idea that anger is a justifiable masculine trait. How absurd right? “Every man gets angry,” they exclaim. Some would even insist that a man who doesn’t have anger problem is not a real man. Still can’t fathom how they came up with that line! Nothing could be further…… Continue reading Anger And Masculinity….

Unfinished Story….

I would be a fool to say i didn’t notice how the sunlight played with her hair. She was different, she was honest, she was the fairest of them all. Her laughter was always the beginning of joy. She captured my heart and our lives became like that of a fairytale. If fictions have taught…… Continue reading Unfinished Story….

Closer…..#Make It Happen

Let’s face it, there are moments when we had to make a choice to either get up or accept defeat right?   As humans, we are all born with the natural instinct not to give up but somewhere along the line, we loose that instincts. When asked what happened, we reply “Life happened and am tired” When…… Continue reading Closer…..#Make It Happen

Perfect Imperfection……

I love you. You are perfect.” I say to my daughter in order to pacify her whenever she was overwhelmed. I say these words all the time. They are a clumsily expressed sentiment intended to make my daughter know she is loved exactly how she is, that i do not see flaws, that in my eyes, she…… Continue reading Perfect Imperfection……

Chasing Shadows…….

Maybe they were right after all She’s chasing shadows like a tool Living a fantasy cause she’s scared Of the real world, she’s not prepared To accept that everyone will lie So in the end he’s just another guy That had a new trick up his sleeve The ego boost he needed to achieve Was…… Continue reading Chasing Shadows…….

Tears In The Rain

Crying in the rain is strange and painful cos no one knows you are actually crying….” He doesn’t even know”. Being broken hearted is also strange and painful cos everything has a brilliant beginning. You can pinpoint the point where you let then reach into your chest cavity and take your heart. You basically let…… Continue reading Tears In The Rain