You Are Unstoppable!

Everyone of us has the potential to be great but we are often limited by our own beliefs and thoughts. Over the years, I have learned that greatness can not be given, you have to earn it and before you can earn it you must believe that you can and you are Unstoppable. By nature,…… Continue reading You Are Unstoppable!

If… (Quest Post)

If you can only do what you know how to do, then you will never be more than you are now. You need to see greatness in yourself before any one does that for you. Incredible power awaits you when you believe in yourself and look past your in abilities. There are so many potentials…… Continue reading If… (Quest Post)

Meditating On The Truth!

How are we to do this? With so many inconsistencies and irregularities in life? So many thoughts and ideas are running through my head and mind as I write this. How can we humans turn our knowledge about God into knowledge of God? Is there a rule for doing this? Yes there is and it…… Continue reading Meditating On The Truth!

How Much More?…

All over the world today, so much emphasis is being placed on money, wealth, possessions, clothes, luxury cars, accessories, status, and other material things. It’s OK to live happily, fruitful and prosperous but how much of the things we desire to have do we really need? Many aspects of everyday life have fallen prey to…… Continue reading How Much More?…

Racial Healing And The Role Of The Church…

The church is gradually loosing its place in the society when much is expected of her. The church today is failing on so many levels and it’s disheartening. The world is becoming less religious and the more we plunge into new technological advancements and discoveries the more we display less religious desires. It’s funny how…… Continue reading Racial Healing And The Role Of The Church…

Follow Your Dream!

There is one thing that we do free of charge without any one’s consent and that is to dream. The question is not can you dream, but do you have the courage to follow it and act on it? If faith without work is dead, then dream without diligence is as good as dead. God…… Continue reading Follow Your Dream!

The Boss…pt2

When I say we are covered in mercy it doesn’t mean we should live the way we like, party away our lives, be cruel and unfaithful, be lazy and unproductive, I am saying you need to realise who you are and be who God says you should be gracefully.  It’s easy to go through life…… Continue reading The Boss…pt2