Be Consistent In Your Life!

Productivity and success have never been an accident. Be consistent. Everybody’s got a goal. Everybody’s got a dream. What’s the plan? Your plan has got to be clear, concise, compelling, consistent, and committed. Whatever your drive, you’ve got to have a plan. Quit going to bed without a plan of how you’re going to handle…… Continue reading Be Consistent In Your Life!


What Do You Do When No One Is Watching? It Truly Matters!

  What do you when no one is watching? It truly matters and I guarantee you, you’ll be doing it when everyone else is watching.  My goal has always been that if there is anyone who can turn things around, change my world, affect lives positively, is ME. If I can get through to doing…… Continue reading What Do You Do When No One Is Watching? It Truly Matters!

Falling In Love With Him!

“Could this warm, tingly feeling I have inside be the ” real” thing?” we constantly ask ourselves…

Nothing Truly Great Can Be Accomplished In A Lifetime!

Most of the seeds we graciously harvest today were planted by our fathers

Do Men Have Emotions?

“contrary to what many women believe, men do have emotions. They just don’t always express them”.

The Greed Of Gehazi…

“Happiness comes from the peace of knowing you are not in debt!”

A Grateful Heart…

Always learn to say “Thank you!

Defeating Temptation…

Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts!


We make decisions every day. We are confronted hourly or even more often with options. We must choose one or the other. We can not have both. We can choose to: be decisive versus indifferent, be enthusiastic versus lukewarm, be better versus bitter, have a “how we can ” versus an “if we can” attitude,…… Continue reading Versus.

Morning Digest…#2

If you’re going to say anything, please mean what you say otherwise be still!