Wake Up With Your Dreams!

      Yes, we’ve got to wake up with our dreams every morning. Understand that we are not supposed to go to bed and forget our dreams. We’re not supposed to tuck our dreams in the pillow when we get up in the morning. We’re not supposed to leave them at home and go…… Continue reading Wake Up With Your Dreams!

Nothing Truly Great Can Be Accomplished In A Lifetime!

Most of the seeds we graciously harvest today were planted by our fathers

Stop Being Loyal To The Wrong People!

Fake people will always give you real reasons to cut them off, don’t be blind to those reasons. Cut them off as fast as you can.

Defeating Temptation…

Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts!

Morning Digest…

Be inspired!

Morning Digest…#2

If you’re going to say anything, please mean what you say otherwise be still!

Heroes Of Our Past…

You are somebody’s hero!