Breaking The Shell! (PT 1)

As humans, we tend to be more if not over protective of the people that comes close to us, and the things that happens arounds us and the ones we love. A lot of people have built walls of defense for themselves, these walls are so tall that it restricts them as well. Oftentimes, our…… Continue reading Breaking The Shell! (PT 1)

It’s A New Dawn! #Its My Birthday!

There are things I would love to say to you my king, but my mouth can’t just verbalise them all! Is it OK if I tell of all you have freely given me? Or your blessings which are great but unseen? I’m sure you wouldn’t mind! No doubt the year has been very crazy, with…… Continue reading It’s A New Dawn! #Its My Birthday!

You Are Unstoppable!

Everyone of us has the potential to be great but we are often limited by our own beliefs and thoughts. Over the years, I have learned that greatness can not be given, you have to earn it and before you can earn it you must believe that you can and you are Unstoppable. By nature,…… Continue reading You Are Unstoppable!

If… (Quest Post)

If you can only do what you know how to do, then you will never be more than you are now. You need to see greatness in yourself before any one does that for you. Incredible power awaits you when you believe in yourself and look past your in abilities. There are so many potentials…… Continue reading If… (Quest Post)

Chronicles Of My Life! (Quest Post)…

Day 405 I’m a guest at Jasmine’s place for the celebration of the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Rooster. “Also known as the Year of the Cock,” she adds, making us, the mixed crowd that is mingling in her living room, giggle mischievously. Jasmine (32), is a Chinese expatriate with a PhD,…… Continue reading Chronicles Of My Life! (Quest Post)…

Meditating On The Truth!

How are we to do this? With so many inconsistencies and irregularities in life? So many thoughts and ideas are running through my head and mind as I write this. How can we humans turn our knowledge about God into knowledge of God? Is there a rule for doing this? Yes there is and it…… Continue reading Meditating On The Truth!

Keep Praying!

The same God who heard the prayers of the church in Jerusalem and saved apostle Peter from execution, is still listening. Praying when nothing makes sense isn’t easy, praying when we are in pains can be very hard and praying when we can’t see any result is even more frustrating but for every time we…… Continue reading Keep Praying!