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Are We All One?……..

Is it possible that we are all related? Is it also possible ( considering how the DNA works, we get 50% from and 50% from Dad and the same from our parents, the same from our parents parent and so on) that by our DNA we could have brothers and sisters all over the world?…… Continue reading Are We All One?……..

Love….Does It Still Endure All Things?

Every relationship needs boundaries right? How much boundaries are we talking about? Amongst these boundaries, is Love inclusive? The occasional tantrums is one thing, but having to walk on eggshells, live in fear,not knowing what will happen next is another. The Bible does not say “Only submit to your husband if he’s a good husband…… Continue reading Love….Does It Still Endure All Things?


Have you ever felt like you were being pulled towards someone? Like fate wanted you to be with someone? Despite what you did,things didn’t change? And just when you gave in to fate, or whatever was pulling you, your fate changed. But still you find yourself entangled with them? There are people in my life…… Continue reading Entangled……..