The Aftermath…..

Ever felt like nothing matters and so you do whatever you want and whenever you like it? Yes, sometimes i do. Especially when push comes to strove and everything you had or thought you knew walks away and makes you believe you never had them. Giving in to circumstances doesn’t make it ok rather it…… Continue reading The Aftermath…..

Rest…..Not Optional!

Many of us don’t understand the value of physical rest and relaxation. It’s non negotiable. We often forget to get enough sleep, take breaks during the day, allow ourselves time to breathe and get refreshed. We need to rest so our energy can get renewed, we get to be healthy and enjoy our everyday lives.…… Continue reading Rest…..Not Optional!

Victory….From Grace!

We are not to live in fear that being under grace will cause us to lack restraint because the word of God makes it clear in ” Romans 6:14, For sin shall not have Dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.” It’s so unfortunate that there are people twisting God’s…… Continue reading Victory….From Grace!

Sunshine Blogger Award…..

I have to say Mel, you took me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting this. It’s really very kind of you. When I got your message on Twitter, I didn’t know what to say ….Well, here I am, acknowledging this amazing award, coming from an amazing woman I respect a lot. This would be my second…… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award…..

The Little Things That Matters……

I don’t have a lot. But I have enough. I grew up in a large family of Nine. Because there were so many of us, things had to be shared and money was usually tight. My parents couldn’t buy all the accessories and stuff for all of us. But we had the basics. I had…… Continue reading The Little Things That Matters……

Our Reflections….In His Eyes

Happy New Year my lovely fans…… blogging for close to two years now, it’s encouraging to see a lot of people sharing my articles. Some of these people share straight from my blog using one of the social networking share buttons, or perhaps on the blogging network, I am extremely grateful to these people. For…… Continue reading Our Reflections….In His Eyes

God vs What We Need & Want…..

I want a new Ferrari, new boat, and I want a new Iphone 7, because I have last years model. We must stop treating God as if He was a genie in a bottle. God never says He will provide for your wants, but He makes it clear that He will provide for the needs…… Continue reading God vs What We Need & Want…..