How Appropriate Is It To Be Broken?

We ought to be broken over our sin because it creates memories that stay with us. If we can’t remember what we’ve done, how then do we know we are changed?

Understanding The Uniqueness Of A Woman…

“If we do not understand our positions, we will function in ignorance, and the result will be pain and destruction”

Morning Digest…

My attention was drawn to one brand of toilet roll called “End Of Discussion”. At first, I could not understand why a toilet roll should bear such a name, but as I reflected more on the issue, I understood what the company meant. I think what they meant was that all things eaten will end…… Continue reading Morning Digest…

Give Them A Break!

It’s time we gave ourselves and the people around us a break!”

It’s Time To Take A Chance..

If the shell doesn’t fit anymore then its because it’s time to move on, its time to take a chance and find another that has been designed to fit you even perfectly.

Guard Your Inner Circle!

“Choose the people you want to belong to your inner circle!”

It Takes Time…

Don’t get in a hurry! There is no growth without change…

The Best Time To Love Is Now!

“The best time to love is now”.

Defeating Temptation..( Continued)

” The truth is, whatever you can’t talk about is already out of control!”

Waiting On Wisdom?

Wisdom is better than precious stones….