Live And Dress To Support Your Values

Clothing is a language of its own. The adage that says, “You will be addressed by the way you dress,” still lives on. Dressing according to our personal ethics means taking priority over the way we dress, and that’s not always easy. It’s not always easy to dress the part, yet it’s not impossible… Read…… Continue reading Live And Dress To Support Your Values

Stop Procrastinating And Start Getting Things Done

Procrastination is one of the biggest causes of stress and failure in our lives. Procrastination sometimes is a sign that we assume that we are perfect and have it all figured out. I may be stating the obvious, yet, we don’t always have it all figured out. Do we? Read more 👉

Be Honest About Your Fears- Fuel Your Passion

Often the problem that we feel needs to be addressed in a moment isn’t about the big picture. We are not always honest about our fears. Yet, it’s easy for us to require sincerity from other people. Facing the giants in our lives “fears” requires us telling ourselves the truth that we are scared. And…… Continue reading Be Honest About Your Fears- Fuel Your Passion

Be Resilient: There’s Always Room At The Top

What is your brand signature? Do you quit at the first challenge you encounter? Are you willing to go where the opportunities are? Read more 👉

Go Further And Be Committed To Your Goals

It’s a mixed-up world we live in right now, yet, one of the tremendous freedom each one of us has as individuals and humans, is the freedom to choose how we view our roles in the world. And the power we have to make positive decisions in whatever conditions we happen to find ourselves… Read…… Continue reading Go Further And Be Committed To Your Goals

Take The Limits Off Your Age: You Are Unstoppable

I choose not to govern my life according to labels. But why do many of us choose to hand pick our lives by our age limits? Read more 👉

Authenticity Is Everything: Be True To Yourself

One important trait of leaders is authenticity and character management. As our world continues to become edgier, and as leaders, we can’t afford to tolerate and promote mediocrity. Mediocrity doesn’t sell but, originality does…. Read more 👉

Be Loyal: Loyalty Is Everything!

When trust breaks, it becomes almost impossible to be loyal. What happens when trust is not broken, and yet we are comfortable being disloyal?… Have you got loyalty? Read more 👉

Be Enormously Dedicated to Reinventing Your Personal Life

If we must grow and develop in every stage of our lives, we must learn to recognize the need to reinvent our personal lives for ourselves and Gods purpose… Read more 👉