Waiting Is Better Than Forcing Things To Happen

Patience is a virtue, appears like folklore in our world today. Human beings are often impatient. We want things to happen in our own time. But that’s not how it works…. Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/waiting-is-better-than-forcing-things-to-happen/

Build Lasting Relationships For Tangible Success In Life

If we’ve been only all about results in our various businesses or ventures, rather than building relationships, then it’s time we changed our perspectives… Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/build-lasting-relationships-for-tangible-success-in-life/

Victimhood or Leadership?

Odds on, people are not often disturbed by things. Their perceptions of things are what affects them the most. People often claim to hunger for leadership, but seldom like the taste of its responsibilities when it’s served up. They prefer to play the victim rather than be the leaders they are designed to be. Read…… Continue reading Victimhood or Leadership?

Our Attitude Towards Life Is Everything

Our attitude toward life is everything. Pay close attention to your attitude. Success is a numbers game. Are you playing to win or to lose? Every one of us has at our core a well of potentials, courage, and capabilities begging to be tapped. But, our attitudes and perception of life have posed a threat…… Continue reading Our Attitude Towards Life Is Everything

Come Join The Community Of Great Writers Today @ST

Are you are a debut or seasoned writer? Are you a writer with a flair for originality? Do you seek to join a large active community of writers? Do you desire real news from real people? Come join the community of great writers today @ST Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/come-join-the-community-of-great-writers-today-st/

Candid Communications: Success Hack For All

I am a woman of my word. I learned the importance of commitment and communication when I became a life coach. Candid communications is prerequisite for any success in life. It’s a hack that everyone should know and embrace…. Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/candid-communications-success-hack-for-all/

Our Choices Have Consequences

We all make #choices every day. Some we are conscious of and others we aren’t. Yet, every choice we make affects not only us but everyone around us, and often not in a good way. Every choice we make have consequences….. Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/our-choices-have-consequences/

Love Is The Most Powerful Force On Earth

Love is the most powerful force on earth. Contrary to popular belief, without #love, we can’t flourish, grow, nor find our place in this world. And the power of love God has given us is so strong, it can tear down walls, flatten all mountain… Read more 👉 https://whitneyibeblog.com/love-is-the-most-powerful-force/