The Unique Blogger Award

Thank you, Kim.


How A Man Hears Language…

A man wants a woman’s information; he doesn’t want her tears because he doesn’t know how to respond to them. This is a serious point of difference and conflict between women and men.

The Challenges Surrounding The Identity Of Women 3…

There has been a terrible waste of life and potential over hundreds and thousands of years. This waste has been catastrophic not only for women but also for men and human society as a whole.

It’s Not Always About What You Have Or Don’t Have….

“It takes a matured person to be content on the mountaintop and content in the valley”.

Thank You My Fans…

You all have taught me about love and pain, good and bad, love and hate, justice and equity, happiness and sadness. You’ve given me the tools and avenue to utilize every opposing energy as driving forces in my own life.