Thinking Like A Servant…

It’s so unfortunate that some people are just born messed up and some things just don’t change. Some people believe serving is meant for the help alone, pride takes over and before you know it they come crashing down. I ain’t got no problem with having a little pride and defending your dignity when it’s…… Continue reading Thinking Like A Servant…

Work On Yourself..

Keep working on yourself! The story of Paganini really inspires me. Paganini was one of the greatest virtuosos of all time. He performed his first concert at eleven. Ultimately, he revolutionized violin technique forever. When he died in 2840,he bequeathed his violin to his birthplace of Genoa, on one condition, that nobody plays it ever…… Continue reading Work On Yourself..

Be Thoughtful!

The world doesn’t begin and end with you! The measure of a man’s usefulness is in the number of people who needs him. Sadly, we measure our usefulness by how rich and affluent we are. We could care less about the needs of other people and when we show any little kindness, we stand at…… Continue reading Be Thoughtful!

Be Watchful!

It is right to have clean hands but it is more important to have a clean heart. Some people are most punctilious about minute ceremonies, while they pay small heed to the moralities of their lives. It is the inner life that makes character. A bad life defies everything ; it is a nest of…… Continue reading Be Watchful!

Searching For Your Purpose? #2

If my sister left her six year old daughter with me without telling me how she likes her meal done, what her favorite meal is, her likes and dislikes, her favorite cartoon, her spot on subject in school, I wouldn’t know any. Only her the mother knows all these and unless she tells me, I…… Continue reading Searching For Your Purpose? #2

The Virtue Of Diligence

The word “diligence” means to cut or sharpen “. It describes a worker who is sharp, decisive and keen in all he does. He or she wants to work, make a difference and contribute to their lives and society. Life owes you nothing except an opportunity to succeed and my dearest you’ll have to work…… Continue reading The Virtue Of Diligence

A Million Sparks…Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone… and hope you are smiling and having a great time with your families like I am? All I see around me today are beautiful sparklings every where, happy faces even in the middle of the craziness in the country. The streets, shops, and homes are beautifully decorated with beautiful lights that keeps…… Continue reading A Million Sparks…Merry Christmas!