Lights Out…….

The last time I heard the word “Lights out” was in my high school days. I attended a boarding house where rules are never meant to be broken. Once it was 9pm the house leader anounces lights out. Every thing you were doing or was supposed to do at that time must be stopped, and…… Continue reading Lights Out…….

Falling….Whispers Of The Heart

Trust me my dear, you don’t hate yourself​ any less than I did when I saw what I had to do to win your love. I wasn’t comfortable leaving my comfort zone. Because of you, I was willing to do anything… You make me feel completely alive and utterly happy just looking at you You…… Continue reading Falling….Whispers Of The Heart

Loving You More…..(Quest Post)

I love every strand of your hair And your loving atmosphere, I love the way you always make me feel, And I love you for real. I love your beautiful look More than being a good cook, I love the way you always talk I love every one of your steps when you walk. I…… Continue reading Loving You More…..(Quest Post)

It’s All About You…….

Of all the things you have done, Of all the things that you have going on, Of all the prayers, petitions, pleas, request you receive on a daily basis, You’ve never stopped thinking about me! You’ve never stopped telling me how beautiful I am, How much you love me, It beats me that you can…… Continue reading It’s All About You…….

The Law vs Grace…..

Are believers still under the law? The answer is NO. But many believers are still very much unaware of this. The first Christians were Jews, they were not called Christians not until the Ascension of Jesus. (They were first called Christians in Antioch) but the Jews predominated the church. The Jews did not abandon the…… Continue reading The Law vs Grace…..

Time To Exhale……

“The struggle we are in today is developing the strength we need for tomorrow.” I think I have forgotten how to breathe. Or, at least, I have forgotten how to breathe properly. Most of us have as well literally. Perhaps it is a sign of how out of sync our lives are that so many…… Continue reading Time To Exhale……