Guard Your Inner Circle!

“Choose the people you want to belong to your inner circle!”

Trapped….(Her Memoir)

Trapped Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wonder who you really are? That’s her in a nutshell. Sam feels trapped at home all the time, like she can never be herself in front of her own family. For her parents, she feels the need to be that “perfect daughter”, and that…… Continue reading Trapped….(Her Memoir)

Shattered Puzzle

​When I found you I found me I was no longer alone I have a friend…I thought! I was put together There were no missing pieces anymore We were the perfect puzzle On lookers envied what we had We had so many beautiful memories and moments That they’re not even possible to forget That part…… Continue reading Shattered Puzzle


Men and women of her type contrive the purest philosophies,or so she thought! Samantha had worked out her own little system,her own little world. Hardly a week had elapsed since Sunshine’s arrival into her world,when he was found worthy of being initiated in her web of wisdom.  An individual’s life consisted of certain classified things:…… Continue reading Bridges..