The Ugly Untold Truth

Just breathe. That was all Sam could do. Breathe. As she lay sprawled on her bed, her body feeling heavy and the suffocating island humidity surrounding her, the only thing she could do was Breathe and try to regain her composure. She wanted to think happy thoughts, but every time she tried, any positive images…… Continue reading The Ugly Untold Truth

Tears In The Rain

Crying in the rain is strange and painful cos no one knows you are actually crying….” He doesn’t even know”. Being broken hearted is also strange and painful cos everything has a brilliant beginning. You can pinpoint the point where you let then reach into your chest cavity and take your heart. You basically let…… Continue reading Tears In The Rain

Pedazos Rotos

​Pedazos rotos Vidrio roto en el suelo. Lo que alguna vez fue algo hermoso Ahora se rompió en trozos pequeños. Corazones rotos por todas partes Lo que alguna vez fue una persona, Ahora se rompió en pequeños fragmentos. ¿Qué pasa con estas piezas, ¿Pueden ser beautful otra vez. Algunas preguntas no tienen respuestas, Algunos eventos…… Continue reading Pedazos Rotos

Shattered Puzzle

​When I found you I found me I was no longer alone I have a friend…I thought! I was put together There were no missing pieces anymore We were the perfect puzzle On lookers envied what we had We had so many beautiful memories and moments That they’re not even possible to forget That part…… Continue reading Shattered Puzzle