Just Thoughts… #7

God’s actions are not reactions to current situations, but part of his long term plan to bring redemption. Yes, he has done marvelous things: he took the evil intent of a mob who cried “Crucify him” and turned it into an opportunity to fulfill the prophets and redeem us. He is perfect in faithfulness and…… Continue reading Just Thoughts… #7

The Mystery Blogger Award

The Rules: Include the award logo/image on your blog List the rules Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well Tell your readers 3 things about yourself Nominate 10 people Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog Ask your…… Continue reading The Mystery Blogger Award


My quote for today is “Keep smiling while you still have teeth” very funny right? Yes, i know. I love this quote because it reminds me that life is too short to hold on to grudge, pain, bitterness. It reminds me that a time will come when i will need to smile but won’t have…… Continue reading SIX DAYS QUOTE CHALLENGE DAY THREE(3)

Keep Smiling……

Don’t be foolish and get sour when things don’t just come your way– Don’t you be a pampered baby and declare, “Now I won’t play!” Just go grinning on and bear it; Have you heartache? Millions share it, If you earn a crown, you’ll wear it– Keep smiling…. Bless your heart, this world’s a good…… Continue reading Keep Smiling……