How Social Media Affects Teenagers Positively And Negatively

It’s no news that social media has come to stay. It keeps evolving on a fast lane. It has become a part of our world, to the extent that if you’re not a part of it, you feel left out

Stop The Wrong Announcement..

“Quit announcing what you’ve heard and seen and start announcing what you want”

There’s No Excuse For Being Full Of Excuses.

Make no room for excuses!

Pedophile : A Way Out…

The state of pedophile in the country is alarming and threatening and calls for immediate action and attention. Why so many child abuse in the land? Why are our children at the mercy of old men who should be protecting them? What crime has our little girls committed that they have to be subjected to…… Continue reading Pedophile : A Way Out…

Mad Traffic…..

Am i the only one or is there someone else who just don’t like the traffic situation in the country especially from my end?. It’s so annoying to wake up early and still get to your office​, school, meetings, ect late. I am beginning to get pissed off. How can a city like Lagos with…… Continue reading Mad Traffic…..