No Place Like Home…

Home is anywhere you find peace and fulfilment, anywhere you are free to be yourself, express yourself and still be accepted. It could also be within the confines of a building, although not all the time. Growing up, i was a bit hyperactive and troublesome. I would go outside and look for trouble and when…… Continue reading No Place Like Home…

Crazy Bills…..

Ughhhh, that look you have when you come home from a stressful day, from working your self out because you’ve got two jobs, only to be told “Mom, the bills just came in.” ” Dad, am yet to pay my fees in school!. ” Dad, I don’t have this or dad I don’t have that.”…… Continue reading Crazy Bills…..

Men Can Die If They Don’t Cry…(Quest Post)

Real men shed tears, We aren’t teddy bears, Men that kills their emotion, Dies in slow motion. Little by little they die, Men that don’t cry, Men that cage tears in their eyes When the need to shed tears arise. We see men in excruciating pain And smiles they feign, With pilled up tears in…… Continue reading Men Can Die If They Don’t Cry…(Quest Post)

The Dowry….

Bride price is an important aspect of marriage tradion in African(Nigeria). But how relevant is it in the light of today’s world? Nigeria’s diversity has created rooms for different types of marriage, but one thing that has remained constant is the payment of bride price. It has become an essential part of a valid customary…… Continue reading The Dowry….