The Perfect Stranger..

Today, a part of me became the stranger I met. Hi,” his deep macho voice echoed to me. I flashed a fake smile, As he smiled back, muttering more words. I did not pay attention to the words he uttered, For a stranger, he was. He moved forward to give me a hug, With the…… Continue reading The Perfect Stranger..

The True Essence Of Love To A Woman

[ The glory of something is the manifestation of its true and best nature]

Make Yourself Accountable…#Don’t Be Afraid To Say No!

What is it about saying “no” that makes us so anxious?

No Woman Forgets!…

Where purpose is not known, people start to become suspicious of others motives.

Defeating Temptation..( Continued)

” The truth is, whatever you can’t talk about is already out of control!”

The Things My Dad Never Said….

While growing up my mom and I never got along We quarreled more than we prayed We fought, though not with our fists, but never settled even in the heat She couldn’t see through me but I could see through her I never understood though I constantly stood there I loved my father more than…… Continue reading The Things My Dad Never Said….

3 Days Quotes, 3 Tags

Hey Guys, Yesterday I got nominated by Piyali – for the 3days quotes and tag. I want to say a big thank you to you Piyali you’re very kind. I recommend you check out her blog, her posts are revealing and refreshing. You can easily relate to each one of them. Today my first…… Continue reading 3 Days Quotes, 3 Tags

¿Y si?…

¿Alguna vez se preguntó qué pasaría si Dios fuera uno de nosotros? Si tuviera un nombre Si tuviera la cara ¡Hago! ¿Qué pasaría si Dios tuviera un nombre? ¿Cuál sería? ¿Cómo lo llamarías? (Lo llamo la ley perfecta de la libertad) En mis momentos difíciles, siempre me resulta difícil entender el amor de Dios por…… Continue reading ¿Y si?…