We Are All Teachers!

“I’m not a teacher”, “I wasn’t born to teach”, “I don’t know how to teach”, “I don’t have anything to offer anyone”. “I don’t have the patient to teach anything or anyone”, “I’m very impatient”, and so on and so forth. I’m pretty sure we are all familiar with these words right? Yes, we are!…… Continue reading We Are All Teachers!

Stop Worrying!…

Stop Worrying? Stop worrying about me? Why are you worrying yourself? (not sure if the sentence is correct anyways ).. But we are familiar with the words right? Of course we are. If you are sure you haven’t worried about anything in your life, then please don’t read further but if you have, like I…… Continue reading Stop Worrying!…

The Rain….

Growing up i have always fancied walking in the rain, dancing in the rain, and even playing in the rain even though my mother made it clear that bathing in the rain is a very big crime as long as you lived in her house. I still do that, hush now! “Not in the public…… Continue reading The Rain….

Rejoice….. Always

Some people are just too serious about everything. They barely smile, laugh or joke. Yeah, I know we all got issues of life to deal with, but how many of us can add a cubid to his or her height by worrying? None! Worrying has never been able to solve anything in time past, it…… Continue reading Rejoice….. Always


Cruel words spoken in anger, rejections, betrayal of trust,broken promises, cast aside because you didn’t just belong, broken relationships….. Have you ever been down those dark paths before? Well, I have and I know exactly how it feels. So many people are living in the shadow of guilt and condemnation. The mistakes of their past…… Continue reading Freedom…..Forever


Sometimes I forget to say hi Sometimes I forget to reply your messages Sometimes my messages don’t ever get to you But it doesn’t mean I forgot about you…. Sometimes I whisper your name when  all I want to do is scream Sometimes I listen more to my head more than my heart Sometimes I…… Continue reading Sometimes……

Hidden Emotions

People with the most sensitive heart put on a monstrous face to the world outside, they hide their feelings and keep all their deep secrets and stories within. They act like they don’t care, they deny their emotions and live secretly. Hiding the feelings that grow stronger  the time that we are apart feels even…… Continue reading Hidden Emotions