​WHAT IS THIS LIFE?A man is born today, _*Tomorrow he is dead*_.A man lives in a mansion today,_*Tomorrow he lives underground*_.A man drives a car today, _*Tomorrow an ambulance drives him*_.A man reads biology today, _*Tomorrow a biography is been read of him*_. A man eats whatever he wants today,_*Tomorrow he becomes food for insects*_.A…… Continue reading Advice

Days of Reckoning 

​I REMEMBER SAUDI 89′ (THE SECOND HALF) Gone are the days when an intentional football match involving Nigeria would dry up the streets, with most people at home and glued to their TV sets. One of such games was during the Saudi 89′ World Cup championship. Famously called,  THE MIRACLE OF DAMMAN- We were playing…… Continue reading Days of Reckoning