Woes Of Anger

*As a carpenter went home after shutting down his workshop, a black poisonous cobra entered his workshop.* _The cobra was hungry and hoped to find its supper lurking somewhere within. It slithered from one end to another and accidentally bumped into a double-edged metal axe and got very slightly injured._ *In anger and seeking revenge,…… Continue reading Woes Of Anger


*1. _Never wake up early._* Keep stretching and turning in bed until you get too hungry to continue dozing. If there are no bed bugs, why hurry to get up?  *2. _Never plan how to spend your money._* Whenever you get money, start spending it right away and when it’s finished, you try to count…… Continue reading ​*TIPS ON HOW TO REMAIN POOR*

Your Good Deeds Are Your Best Friends.

Your Good Deeds Are Your Best FriendsA certain man had three friends: two of whom he loved dearly, the other he but lightly esteemed. It happened one day, that the king commanded his presence at court, at which he was greatly alarmed, and wished to procure an advocate. He went to the two friends, whom…… Continue reading Your Good Deeds Are Your Best Friends.