Easy Variety……..

Today, I learnt that adding variety and creativity to your life does not have to be expensive or complicated. Does it? If you want to do something different, go ahead. Take your family out, if you have young children, they might enjoy riding in the car even when they don’t understand that fuel pump price…… Continue reading Easy Variety……..

Letting God Lead……

I know there are many principles on how to live a good life but I believe one of the secrets of enjoying our lives is to let God lead us instead of trying to make our own way through life. Knowing we are in partnership with God in all we do and it’s extremely rewarding.…… Continue reading Letting God Lead……

Stop Playing The Blame Game…..

Many times when we suffer the consequences of bad choices, we want to blame them on someone’s else. Instead of taking personal responsibility for our decisions and their results, we say, “The devil made me do it,” ” I am in this condition because of the way my parents raised me,” or “If my boss…… Continue reading Stop Playing The Blame Game…..


Go back to the time we never met, Our friendship do not recollect, Erase from your mind the moment We once together spent. Forget that we once kissed, Forget being my Mrs. Your absence I will not miss Even though we’ve shared moment so bliss. My phone, do not call Even if your countenance fall…… Continue reading HIDDEN PASSION….(Quest Post)

To be Rich Or To Be Wealthy…….Which One Is It Going To Be?

One of the commonest words our people use today is ” I want to be rich and famous” ( There’s a song by that too). I don’t have an issue with the word nor with the song but I worry if our people truly understand what they are saying. Often times, we don’t say what…… Continue reading To be Rich Or To Be Wealthy…….Which One Is It Going To Be?

Obsession…… Different From Jealousy?

What are you doing? Let go of me! “She screamed at him as she tried to free herself from his grip. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she listened to his lies. ” You are mine, I didn’t cheat on you. We just had dinner, and my phone was on silent. I love you Jasmine…… Continue reading Obsession…… Different From Jealousy?

You & Me…..

I love to sing to You, I love to sing with you, I love to dance with You and I don’t care if I miss my steps, I love how you make me feel when am with you and when am not with you, I give my all, just to hold you, Just to be…… Continue reading You & Me…..