Footprints…….Where Are Yours?

When we least expect, life throws us challenges, Some of us may face minor or major challenges, But the truth is, there will be challenges, Challenges that will either make you or break you. I have recently dealt with challenges that I never thought I will get through No matter how high or sophisticated your…… Continue reading Footprints…….Where Are Yours?

Men Can Die If They Don’t Cry…(Quest Post)

Real men shed tears, We aren’t teddy bears, Men that kills their emotion, Dies in slow motion. Little by little they die, Men that don’t cry, Men that cage tears in their eyes When the need to shed tears arise. We see men in excruciating pain And smiles they feign, With pilled up tears in…… Continue reading Men Can Die If They Don’t Cry…(Quest Post)

Knocking On Heaven’s Door…….

” They are so perfect together!” “Look at them?”. My daughter will be happy in her home, I know that. The mother of the bride silently said”. ” I wish am like her, the single sisters murmured”. ” What could go wrong, with a beautiful smile like that, the single brothers whispered”. So, the journey…… Continue reading Knocking On Heaven’s Door…….

Crazy Faith……

Every time I hear my pastor say “we need to have Crazy Faith to be able to walk with the Lord”, I get troubled in my spirit. I never really understood what he meant by Crazy Faith” until recently when my faith in the Lord required me to do something crazy. For several years I…… Continue reading Crazy Faith……

Do Men Cry?……..

Funny pics right? Yeah I know. Today, something really amazing and weird like this pics happened. I caught my dad crying, he never cries and if he did it was never in front of me or my siblings. He always puts up this Macho Stance all the time and that made us believe he can’t…… Continue reading Do Men Cry?……..


My Love, I have been too afraid to make a mistake and ended up making so many. For so long I continually lived in fear Always scared of giving anyone a chance. Everyone kept messing up….I kept figuring out how to make things right, Without thinking of you or what I want. I have chosen…… Continue reading Stay…..

To Forgive & To Forget…..Is It Possible?

Is it possible to truly forgive and forget the wrong that someone does to us? How do I forgive the drunk driver that ran my kid over and killed him? Even if I do forgive him, can i ever forget his face? Will the scars ever heal? How do I forgive the woman that accused…… Continue reading To Forgive & To Forget…..Is It Possible?