You & Me…..

I love to sing to You, I love to sing with you, I love to dance with You and I don’t care if I miss my steps, I love how you make me feel when am with you and when am not with you, I give my all, just to hold you, Just to be…… Continue reading You & Me…..

Our Words…. Very Powerful!!

Our words are powerful, they not only reveal the conditions of our hearts, they also influence our ability to enjoy life and fully live. Just as a positive mental attitude helps us enjoy our lives, the words we speak also affect the levels of joy we experience on a daily basis. “Matthew 12:34- Out of…… Continue reading Our Words…. Very Powerful!!

Open Heavens…..

Tomorrow my life’s fate is going to change, For a punishment that i don’t even deserve, Who will plead my cause? I can’t tell! That’s why I come before you now, to please plead my cause, And am just hoping that my life, you won’t condemn. They stand now to accuse me and judge me,…… Continue reading Open Heavens…..

God’s Thoughts…..(Quest Post)

God does not give us second chances He gives a new beginning, every day. He is God, and chance has nothing on Him…whether second or one millionth. He doesn’t really care what you’ve done, All He cares about is allowing us bask in his love and grace daily. If God is just the God of…… Continue reading God’s Thoughts…..(Quest Post)

Are We All One?……..

Is it possible that we are all related? Is it also possible ( considering how the DNA works, we get 50% from and 50% from Dad and the same from our parents, the same from our parents parent and so on) that by our DNA we could have brothers and sisters all over the world?…… Continue reading Are We All One?……..

Waiting In The Silence….Is God Speaking?

Sometimes, I wish God operated through my timetable and plans. Don’t you? Sometimes I feel like my prayers are unheard and unanswered, when everything seems awfully silent. Ever wondered why God was asking you to wait and yet he is not saying anything? Do you feel maybe, just maybe if you did one thing right…… Continue reading Waiting In The Silence….Is God Speaking?

Just Because Of Me!…………

Your foundation standeth sure, having the perfect seal, Your throne is unshakable, You made yourself a worthy vessel to be used, You endured it all, Just because of ME! Your powers are unbreakable Your presence leaves every one in awe, Nothing compares to you, Nothing compares to your glory, Yet you became nothing, Just because…… Continue reading Just Because Of Me!…………