​OXFORD DICTIONARY: New word inclusion.

BUHARI /boo-ha-ree:/ Noun: buhari 1. hard, hardship, difficult, harsh, tough; e.g “The economy is now buhari for the masses” Synonyms: onerous, strenuous, arduous grueling, painful, hellish; Antonyms: easy, smooth, simple. Verb: buharify, buharicate, buharification; 2. to make complex, worse, unbearable; e.g “Please don’t come and buharicate issues here” “The only way to reduce applicants is…… Continue reading ​OXFORD DICTIONARY: New word inclusion.

​21 Facts About Dangote’s Refinery andPetrochemical Plant

1. Over $4 billion worth of equipment currently sits on the site. 2. The project is slated to cost $14 billion (N2.8 trillion) of which Dangote is contributing $7 billion in equity. 3. The project site is larger than Victoria Island. It is located on 2135 hectares of land in Epe, Lagos near the Lekki…… Continue reading ​21 Facts About Dangote’s Refinery andPetrochemical Plant

Matters Arising#Politics

​CUPS OPINION – ON BUHARI AND NIGER DELTA DEVELOPMENT. There is no doubt about it that his Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, is doing everything within his powers as the head of state to fix the lingering problems bedevilling the South-East and South-South, which are never of his making. Yesterday, we read the good news that…… Continue reading Matters Arising#Politics

Hero’s Of Nigeria#Politics

​🏡 Lt. General Tukur Buratai is the darling of our nation. He was turned inside out in the thorough process used to check out the President’s men. He was given a clean bill of integrity.  🏡 General Buratai inherited a Nigerian Army that had been labelled cowards. He pumped renewed energy into the Army and…… Continue reading Hero’s Of Nigeria#Politics

Nigeria’s Transformation….

I hate to delve into Nigeria’s current political matters. However, my observation from the list of appointees is that Mr. President has surrounded himself with Northerners in the areas of security because those are the ones he knows and trusts. He believes they cannot betray him because of money. It is only natural and realistic…… Continue reading Nigeria’s Transformation….