Be Happy Today!

Good morning beautiful people. As we move beyond saying, “I’ll be glad when…” as I advised in my last post, we need to begin saying, “I am glad now. I am going to be happy and positive today. My life may not be exactly what I want it to be, but I choose to be…… Continue reading Be Happy Today!

Why Worry?

The pressures of our times have many of us caught in a web of the most acceptable, yet energy-draining sin in the Christian family: “worry” . Chances are good you woke up this morning, stepped out of bed, and before doing anything, strapped on your well-worn backpack of anxiety right? You started the day not…… Continue reading Why Worry?

Your Mind…..Use It! ( Quest Post)

Can you imagine what would happen to a newly bought car packed down in a garage for months without using it or engaging it in any way? If your guess is good as mine, then that car becomes useless even though it’s visible and neatly parked. An idle mind makes a miserable life? When you…… Continue reading Your Mind…..Use It! ( Quest Post)