You Are Not Broken For Any Man To Fix

You Are Not Broken. My life is directed by many values. Values that have shaped my beliefs, customs and strength. As I grew older, I have come to understand nothing has shaped me more than knowing that I am not broken for anyone to fix. As a counselor, mother, educator, the first thing I tell…… Continue reading You Are Not Broken For Any Man To Fix

Have You Got More Than Enough? Barely Enough? Or Just Enough?

Barely enough? Just enough? More than enough? Is it just me hearing this, a friend asked me today as we talked about choosing more than enough over just enough. Your life will constantly move towards what you’re thinking about all the time. If you’re always thinking thoughts of lack, you will lose sight of abundance…… Continue reading Have You Got More Than Enough? Barely Enough? Or Just Enough?

It’s Never Too Late For You To Do Something Great With Your Life

It’s Never Too Late For You To Do Something Great With Your Life. If there’s anything I love about God, it’s the fact that he doesn’t have any slogan as “It’s too late”, “I was planning on doing this or doing that”. Whatsoever he promises to do, he does it well and on time too.…… Continue reading It’s Never Too Late For You To Do Something Great With Your Life

Just Thoughts… #21

The Bible is full of truth concerning who you are and what God thinks about you. In his words you will find all the love you need to be fulfilled and thrive with assurance. I know people who like to read through the Bible especially the New Testament and highlight verses that include the words…… Continue reading Just Thoughts… #21

There’s Always A Reason!

Many of us are always in the habit of blaming God or someone when things don’t work out the way we want them to. We lay blames, accusations, throw tantrums and oftentimes, shut everyone else out. We find it so hard to accept the situation at hand and trust everything will be fine. When we…… Continue reading There’s Always A Reason!

Fly Before You Fall….#Build Your Self-worth!

A wise man once said; Before you can discover what God has called you to do, or reach your full potential, you’ve got to find a lasting basis on which to build your self-worth. Every one of us is molded by the words we’ve heard and in most cases it’s usually the ones we shouldn’t…… Continue reading Fly Before You Fall….#Build Your Self-worth!

Becoming What You Believe…..

Hi everyone, am i the only one or is there anyone else thankful for this holiday break? I wish the holidays could stretch a little longer but then its not just about me. Many of us have jobs, businesses, school, life to get back to. Wondering what holiday am talking about? Well, i am referring…… Continue reading Becoming What You Believe…..

A Donkey’s Story….. Life’s Lesson!

In life, I have observed that many are hearing but very few are actually seeing. Many have become so conversant with  words from the Bible, words of wisdom, but don’t ever see themselves in the words, especially the ones they confess with their mouths. 1 Corinthians 15:58 (KJV)  Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast,…… Continue reading A Donkey’s Story….. Life’s Lesson!

Crazy Faith……

Every time I hear my pastor say “we need to have Crazy Faith to be able to walk with the Lord”, I get troubled in my spirit. I never really understood what he meant by Crazy Faith” until recently when my faith in the Lord required me to do something crazy. For several years I…… Continue reading Crazy Faith……